Andy Fantuz any updates??

Andy Fantuz any updates??

Zero catches, zero yards, last I heard.

And not on the sideline come game-time.

So he is even with Chapman. :wink:

And drawing the same per game salary?

Man, what a slow news week. :slight_smile:

I don't know if they hang around together or not . :wink:

Don’t think so!

David William Naylor?Verified account
18m18 minutes ago
Hearing an announcement on @andyfantuz football future is coming this week. Expected he will retire to end one of the great careers for a Canadian receiver. #Ticats #CFL

Just in time for the TiCats to host the Riders. :wink:

Hey....who would have thought that if there was news, it would have been reported on?

Former Riders and Ticats Canadian receiver Andy Fantuz expected to retire: report

What better time and place than at the Thursday game?

Would be wonderful for all our fans to give him a big cheer Thurs night to show him how much we appreciate all he has done for our team , Andy is a class act

2013 east final Fantuz hi-lights to put us in the Grey Cup

This thread now looks eerily similar to one Caretaker started in the hours leading up to signing Johnny Football.

Most of us later assumed he knew full well that the news was coming, being the guy who signs the cheques.

Which raises the obvious question … is djrobertson2017 really another pseudonym for our team's owner?

Very fitting way and game to hang up “cleats?. 6 years with Sask and retires after 6 years as a TiCat. Congtats Andy.

Bryan Colangelo objects to your question...

When is the official announcement of Andy fantuz retiring??

I think that, pretty much, confirms you nailed it, ExPat.
Great observation.

Home page of says that Andy will announce before tonight's kickoff.

Oskee wee wee - and thanks - Andy.