Andrus Probable New Head Coach of Argos

According to David Naylor of the Globe and Mail, it looks as though Tennessee Titans' offensive assistant Bart Andrus will be the new head coach of the Toronto Argonauts:

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Andrus is described by his colleagues as innovative and unpredictable in his offensive approach and a probable good fit for the CFL style of play. It's a good thing that the Ticats have upgraded at the defensive coordinator position this year: Greg Marshall should present a formidable challenge to the new Argo offence.

The Argos are copying the Stamps and Als with this move.

The differnce is, the talent and coordinators aren't there for the Argos. I personally think that it's a risky move bringing in an NFL guy who has little to no experience in the CFL.

To me, it's not about the head coach, it's about the coordinators. Taffe looked like a fool here because of the 4 coordinators working under him but was a genious in Montreal when he took over a well oiled machine.

I don't think this guy knows what he is getting into. Look at the people turning this job down. That would scare me off right away and would want me to look further into it. Sure you are a head coach but you are inheriting a team that is over the hill who signs players that the ticats cut (glasper, woodard, etc)

Kavis Reed is a terrible DC. I don't know who their OC is but it doesn't matter.

The Argos don't even know who will be their QB next year.

I'll say it again, the Argos will be the laughing stock of the league for the next 2-3 years.

Its an uphill battle for sure but people in this forum and every scribe in the country were saying the same thing about Montreal last season and they all ended up looking like fools. Argos have lots of cap space and who knows what coach and players the new HC will bring with him (whoever that may be). You can't write off a team in this league in January.

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can you say with 1st pick 2010 Draft the Toronto Argo Take ?

You make good points Tiger. I too would be wary, knowing I wasn't going to have full control (that's why Barrett turned them down and Rita has admitted that the head coach won't have total control) and knowing that 4 guys before me have said thanks but no thanks.

Steve Burratto was their OC last few seasons, I stand to be corrected but I think he has already been released; ditto I think for Reed. They're going to have to scramble to find qualified coordinators, and I agree that these days, with most teams, the 2 coordinators are becoming more important than the head coach......seems to me Jock Climie made that very point on a broadcast last season, basically saying that the coordinators handle most of the heavy work these days, reducing the head coach to being little more than a PR guy.........Buono, Trestman, Hufnagel would I expect be exceptions to that.

Sure there have been a few exceptions, but if you look throughout the course of history, it is the Argos who sign Ti-Cat free agents (Maybe more this year) and most often the Cats signing Argo cuts. The popular 1990's joke was that the Ti-Cats seemed to be an Argo farm team. Once a player got any good, he'd somehow end up in Blue, not always with good results mind you, but it ticked off many TiCat friends of mine.

KJ is still under contract and management has said he's is the starter, so sounds like they know. With Printers terrible preformance and the emergence of Porter, it's the Cats that don't know their starter.

You can say whatever you want but,,, A TC team that was average in 98, went to champs in 99 and crashed in 2000. An Argo team went from 3 wins in 1995 to 15-3 in 1996. It may not be easy, particulary in Steeltown, however, teams can turn round rather quick in an 8 team league, especially when they crash heavy as I feel the Argos did.

Well, currently no one, seeing that they keep trading away their draft picks, which is why I believe they have some weak Canadian talent. Nevertheless, the Cats seemed to have locked up that pick for what 5 years now? LOL, why should we expected any different for 2010?

Argos are old team with American coach no DC or OC this late ..
I'd be shocked if beat Hamilton for 3rd or 2nd atleast the bombers higher some who been in the CFL

I must agree with a lot of your comments tiger...the talent was not there last year, but Rita & Mohns have to come up big in US recruitment, the Argos have to do well in Free Agency & they are in good position in this years CFL draft.

The reason he took the job is because there are only 40 head coaching jobs in football of any significance. He has to have confidence to feel he can turn things around.It will be interesting how the Argo coaching staff rounds out. It won't be easy getting one together this late in the offseason.

Since last season the Argos have gotten younger (no pun intended)...but yes, they must stop picking up all those ex TI-Cats as you mentioned.

It will be interesting....

This could work out really well for the Argos, or it could blow up in their faces.

Andrus isn’t Trestman. Andrus was an assistant in Tennessee, not even a position coach, and he never worked as a coordinator in the NFL. Most of his experience is in NFL Europe, a lower-quality league than the CFL. All the major names he’s worked with came during his time in the U.S. college system. Trestman worked with people like Gannon and Rice in the NFL as offensive coordinator of the Raiders.

I dunno, this just feels like a cheap knock-off of what Montreal and Calgary did last season, but minus the actual quality of content. And as others have noted, Andrus is inheriting a team in shambles, with question marks all over the roster: no proven starting QB, aging D, not enough talent at receiver, no feature running back, and two coordinators returning (Reed & Buratto) who were absolutely terrible last season. Hopefully he’ll make the Argos competitive, but Toronto fans shouldn’t expect miracles.

Agree completely.

Let's hope for some "continuity" with the final days of Don Matthews...

Exactly, also Trestman ran a CFL style offence with oakland, lots of empty back fields with little running, the Titans ran an 80's style NFL offence that is just not suited to this league at all. Just another weird move by the Argo owners who just dont have a clue what they're doing.