Andrus named Head coach

Looks like Bart Andrus is the Argo's Head coach according to the Star's Damien Cox.
The Argo's are to announce the hiring today at 11:00am.

Bart Andrus newest Argo's coach

Glad to see this is finally settled. Now on to rebuilding this team.

And you click on their big splash page on and you get page 404...Come on, get a webmaster with a clue...

I seem to recall that either Burrato or Kavis Reed or both had been released, can anyone confirm?


Andrus plans to retain Burrato but not necessarily as offensive coordinator.
Kavis Reed is still out.

Andrus fits Canadian profile

I think this is a good call for the Argos, having CFL experience is so overrated I think, the head coach manages the team and the game, the coordinators do most of the technical day to day work. Find the best football man you can for the head coaching job with your budget you have of course, you can, 3 or 4 downs doesn't matter at all.

I think it depends on the man, some can't make the transition but some can. Andrus sounds positive about the Canadian game which is a plus. He's known as a passing coach but he's still got Johnson and Dorsey to call on so it could be good for the Argos this year.

So far so good for Bart, he looks good and has said all of the right things.
I like the part about him acknowledging to be successful how he must be sorrounded with CFL experience coaches. So the decision to keep Burratto is not a bad one especially since Steve may not be the OC.
Today's there is talk he would like to have fellow U of Montana Dave Dickensen as coach.

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I was really impressed with the high regard Andrus has for the CFL. He appears to know what needs done & that he is not able to do it without coaches who have CFL experience. Maintaining Buratto in another role (o-line coach perhaps) is a smart move. Buratto may be maligned as the OC, but he has won in this league before.

His press conference was not as entertaining as John Huards a few years ago, but I think he will have a longer coaching career.

Question is can he deal with the media in Toronto who will rack him over the coals big-time. Remember, while it can be construed to some extent by the Phil Lind's out there that Southern Ontario is "just" NFL territory, and in the media we see low figures of people watching CFL games that are important where Winnipeg is playing Saskatchewan, NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. Fact is it hurts, for lack of a better word, in Toronto, Canada's largest city, watching some city like Regina walking off with Lord Earl Grey's mug, emblematic of our national championship, any way you cut it. Numbers don't tell nearly anything about the story, it's about denial. You deny something as trivial if you can't have it and especially if it's being won by a city, province ok, that is bascially a suburb of Toronto in population. So you say "NFL NFL NFL" but I bet my bottom dollar even Phil Lind hates it that the Argos don't walk off with the GC every year, despite the fact he will never publicly ever say this. We know you Phil, and you are Canadian afterall my friend.

If I was in Toronto and my team wasn't killing every other team in the league 9.5 times out of ten, I'd probably say who cares about the CFL, this is NFL only territory. Denial, hey, we see it everywhere in life, don't we? For Toronto to be Toronto, they sort of have to be smug, maybe Montreal and Vancouver we can throw in the mix there as well.

As seen on the Argos have added a defensive coordinator by the name of Peter Kuharchek. Has a long resume mainly in NFLE as a defensive coach. Heard him on with Mike Hogan on the Fan590 this morning. Sounds like he tries to adapt his type of defense to the type of players he has available.
That's somewhat good to hear as we have probably all heard of coaches who have seemingly one philosophy and try to make their players fit into that approach, even if it means they're trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.
He says if he has guys who can cover man to man he will blitz, if not he plays zone. Stubler's 3-4 was more of a zone defense until the opposition got inside the Argo twenty, then he would play some man to man and blitz generally with success.
Good cover corners are hard to find though so he will probably have to play a lot of zone defense and try and get a good pass rush from the front four.


As long as Buratto isn't the main man on offense next season, I'll be a happy guy.