Andrus fired

Both the CFL and Argo websites are reporting Bart Andrus has been dismissed.
Who are the Argos going to entice to jump into this mess.
Ownership and a home field are both up in the air.

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Rita and Mohns escape again Wow !

I hope that doesn't mean they will recommend that their buddy Steve Buratto be Head Coach.

Only so many men you can have on the payroll. They fire anymore people they'll have to play under an overpass.

They should offer the HC job to Rich Stubler along with an apology. Wont happen because they have no class at all! They should give him the job, with full control over who he plays and who he sits, just like they promised him when he agreed to take the job. If they did that I could start to respect this organization again.

Pres. Bob Nicholson was on Prime Time Sports tonight with McCown and Brunt. Did a lot of heming and hawing. Wouldn't give a straight answer when asked if Adam Rita would be the GM through 2010. The same with the ownership question. Made it sound like he and Rita made the decision to fire Andrus and the owners had agreed. He admitted that the decision was pretty well made during the last game of the season. So why keep Andrus in suspense thinking he would be back. Bob said about the league not wanting anything to distract from the GC blah blah.
Most would teams fire a coach at the end of the season, that's three weeks before the GC and would be old news by then. I don't get it.

The bottom line IMO is still the ownership issue. They are obviously still thinking of bailing if they don't get what they want from the league. This can't go on much longer. They've already kissed 6 weeks goodbye since the season ended.

Some questions I would have liked for McCown or Brunt to ask would be: 1)Why did the team only dress two QB's most of the season 2) why did they not bring in more NFL cuts for a look when the Practice Roster was expanded 3) can the present GM and Per Director make trades and sign players or are they in limbo 4) will they be looking for an experienced CFL coach this time 5) what's going on with the BMO study by the league. Other people probably have more questions.

Maybe these guys know what they're doing, but from the outside it doesn't look like it.

A long time coming but it is deserved to let Andrus go, a colossal failure.
Meanwhile Perry Lefko on Sportsnet is reporting the possibility of Tillman resurfacing. I have been suggesting for Tillman for a while as a possibility and frankly with his contacts and experience in the league, he is virtually the only one who can get us out of this mess the team is in.

McCown and Brunt are NOT CFL fans. Both of them are a couple A HOLES when it comes to anything CFL related.

Bob McCowan has always been a CFL supporter, but there's no doubt he can be a bit of a jerk, at least when the camera is rolling. That's part of the act. But he does seem to be thin skinned. He likes to hand out the insults but can't take it in return. That what appears to have happened with his former buddy Doug Maclean, McCowan won't have him on his show now.
He was all buddy buddy with Cinamon at one time but now has seemed to have turned on him as well. Maybe McCowan thinks that Cinamon is a phony, after all the revelations have come out about the money C & S didn't put into the team and some of the football decisions attributed to the C.
But he was right about one thing yesterday. There wasn't any questions concerning the Argos really answered by Bob Nicholson, which says volumes IMO.

I don't mind Brunt. He doesn't sugar coat anything and tells it like it is. Some people of course don't like that.

Argo Fans... you need to dump Greg and Adam.. they are the "dynamic duo" to destroy teams. They did this in BC and we got rid of them. Mohns is an idiot at best and Rita is totally out of it....

As far as a coach.. Steve B. replaced Mohns part way through the season and won a Grey Cup... you should have had faith in your coach and fired the "2 monkeys".

Ok so you are saying what does LeoFan know... I used to be an Argo fan back in the days of Leo Cahill... one of the best coaches in the CFL.

Leo used to baffle them with you know what. But he knew how to recruit top talent, which is something the present powers that be don't seem to have a clue on how to. Something called hard work for starters.

I know from experience, top talented players makes coaches look a lot smarter.

Ain't that the truth.

I recall when Mark Nelson was hired as DC in Winnipeg last season, his college win/loss record (good one year, bad another year) was put to him by reporters, and his answer was "I coach good players at lot better than I coach bad players".

Must be competing with Winnipeg to see who can fire the most Coaches in a decade.... I think Winnipeg is leading right now.

Those two should have been fired along with Andrus....... Can't figure out how they can still be there.....Do they have pictures of Nicholson doing something with a .......... or what??????