Andrus fired
The Toronto Argonauts have fired head coach Bart Andrus after the team struggled to a 3-15 season.

More to follow.

Hopefully they don't try to pursue Greg Marshall :confused:

No surprise here

They will interview Marshall for sure. Hopefully he sees that they are a total gong show and would rather stay here.

Thanks for the link...

I hope they don't poach any of our good coaches, but they probably will.

Bad news for us if Greg Marshall is considered for the Argo's Head Coaching job.

Absolutely Ron.Not to mention a terrible season would tarnish Marshall's rep and who know's if he would ever be hired again and may be sent to the lower ranks.I think it's best to wait to go somewhere that actually has a team to be head coach of.

Agree not all that surprising, for the money he is making they have to be totally sold on him and obviously not the case.

Maybe They'll Hire charlie Taaffe. 8)

One would think Marshall would want complete control.
The Argos are not structured that way for a coach. Recent history shows the HC is either tight with somoeone in the front office and/or has to go through the layers of influence including ownership to get things done.(Stubler couldnt deal with it).

Dont think Marshall has much of a work relationship with anyone in power there.

Adam Rita is still employeed, Mike Kelly is still employed, and Andrus is gone? Not sure I completely agree with this one.

Perhaps Jim Daley resigning from the Eskies this weekend now has a little more clarity.


Have to agree and We all Know The Argos are A 3 Ring Circus
we have Owners who are Center Ring
We have the Rita who is on The Right and Mons on left
Marshall will take one look at this Hot mess
He'll walk out saying Did I say Send in the Clowns .. No thanks.

They have to Fire Rita and Mons to get Marshall .
Not going to happen

Poor Bart AC could of made him a flaming genius and coach of the year in Montreal. :slight_smile:

Looks like AB3 has the last laugh :lol:

If Greg Marshall leaves for the Blue team, hope for at best another 9-9 next year.Our D is starting to be our back bone.

Would the Ticats let Greg talk to the Argos?, what is his contract again??

They need a young , fresh Head Coach that will relate to players earn some quick respect with out giving up your best WR..... and Create some New opportunities for this Argo franchise ....They have talent but its far from organized it was not a GM thing this year it was sure a coaching problem with players not be-leaving in his system is my guess and feelings..

Andrus had too go.....Wonder why it took so long after the season ?

Greg has been a bridesmaid for years and would jump at the job if offered.

That's too bad. I was hoping they'd keep him on.

That's just one more team Marshall can go to. Any ideas on a replacement DC??

We don't need to worry about finding a DC because we still have one. Why does everyone assume he will leave?

Only Marshall knows what he will do. Don't assume he is gone before he is gone. Thats just sad.

If Andrus is gone, Rita should be too. He was the one who hired Andrus. And if I'm not mistaken, because of the contract Rita signed Andrus to, Andrus will be payed 400K+ over the next two years.

Possibly because he said he was interested in open HC positions. He’s made no secret of the fact that he wants to be a head coach and Coach B also said he supported that wish for Marshall so if he gets the opportunity, he’ll more than likely take it.

You are correct about the salary, plus they have to pay Stubler one more year as well. That's a lot of money to be tied up in coaches who aren't even their.
And these Argo owners thought they could buy the Phoenix Coyotes and turn around that mess......