Andrus criticizes officials

I thought this was sort of interesting. A lack of consistency has always been the biggest complaint.

Now lets see if he gets fined by the league like all the others who criticized the officials. and he should be btw

Andrus is getting a major schooling in the CFL right now. He may have been successful in the Euro league, but he appears to have a lot to learn about the CFL. His inexperience has as much to do with why the Argos are losing so badly as the refs do.

I agree except, I would not blame the refs for any part of his loses

Agreed Ro. I didn't mean to imply that they did.

Not only is Andrus giving away players.. seems he likes to give away money too.. I expect the league to fine him for sure!

Instead of blaming the zebras for his woes, he should reconsider the strategy that led him to call the same running play out of shotgun on third and short when a frickin QB sneak could have easily gotten the job done. Not impressed with Mr. Andrus, not at all.