Andrus, Buono....ON REFS....

…MY GOODNESS ME…Andrus calling out the CFL refs. by saying they’re ‘inconsistent’…and Buono agreeing with him…IF that were Kelly espousing that scenario…my gawd…it’d be splattered all over the sun and free press…as another musing by a …so and so big-mouth coach…I guess Andrus will ‘really’ feel the heat from the striped guys now…not that, that will make an difference in his future in any event,some guys and their uncontollable urge to cast blame… :lol: :lol: :lol:

papa do you suppose it's just a coincidence that the 2 coaches complaining about the officiating just happen to be the coaches of the last place teams in each conference?

Bart Simpson Andrus should spend less time complaining about the refs, and more time trying to recruit someone to replace the superstar receiver he drove to Steeltown.

......hmmmmm ....i think you're bang-on.....and the team that lost last secondary looks like swiss cheese..I could've hit Jackson on one of those bombs...he was so wide open....Jackson to Jackson made the argos look very foolish.... :lol: Andrus better be in serious discussion with Byron Parker.. :wink:

A 2-5 team with no offense, which got shut out the week before, shouldn’t be complaining about the officiating. I am really starting to dislike Andrus’s attitude.

I suspect he is in close touch to his home town McDonalds, because thats probably the only job offer he will get next year, if not sooner. He could start as kitchen cleanup, and work his way up to Fry man. If he works hard at that theres potential for asst manager with 50 cent hour raise.

if byron parker is available we better be in serious discussion with him to... that guy is one of the better corners in the league and could really help our defense out taking over cravers spot