Andrus and Moreno fined for comments

I have to admit, and I'm a TiCats fan, that was a cheesy call, from what I saw on the replay the hand wasn't inside the one yard neutral zone by very much. Argos got ripped off on this potentially game changing call.

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League fined Toronto Argonauts coach Bart Andrus $1,000 and linebacker Zeke Moreno an undisclosed sum for "publicly disparaging" league officiating.
Andrus and Moreno both questioned the quality of game officials in the wake of Friday's 26-17 loss to Hamilton, during which an offside call nullified a 47-yard interception return for a touchdown by Moreno.
Andrus said: "I'm just saying the stuff is not consistent, game to game, crew to crew. What's a penalty one week isn't a penalty the next week. There are times when I don't know what to tell our guys."
Moreno added: "I don't really like to complain about officiating, but there were so many calls in this game that kind of make me wonder how much effort and time these officials put into scouting and watching film."
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I've bolded what I think is the key part of your comment. It doesn't matter if it was in a little or in a lot. The fact that it was in the neutral zone at all means it was a penalty. They have to call it. I just wish they would crack down more on receivers going offside.

As for being a game changing call, the Argos had 59 minutes to get the points back.

This is one fan who agrees with Zeke & Bart. Make it consistent at least.

But, this sort of thing is best kept behind closed doors, not in the rags.

I think everyone can agree that this year's crop of CFL officials has been the worst I've seen in a long time.

The amount of missed or non-calls this year seems like it far exceeds any year that I can remember.

Maybe it's just the timing of the calls/non-calls that make it seem this way.

Might have been a blown call. But Andrus and Moreno should just worry about winning a game. They are 3-13 and they're whining about a blown call?

I find that comical. I guess at least they care...

No matter how bad the officials might be, you cannot have the "inmates running the asylum".
Good on the commish to fine.
Having said that, the officials must continue to improve.

Sure there is room for improvement, and we should be encouraging them instead of constantly whining about stuff we can see in slo-mo that they can't see on the field in real time.

It didn't look to me that there was offside on that play, but I'm not a line judge either. If the guy says it was offside I believe him. The play should not have stood.

Andrus has a whole lot more to worry about, such as learning how to be a good coach in the CFL, than pissin' and moaning about the refs. Though clearly he was sticking up for his player. That's probably why the fine was so trifling.

I agree they shouldn’t be taking it to the media, I agree. Over the course of the season it probably or usually evens out. And I’ve seen calls in the NFL for offside like this even without the one yard neutral zone, not often but I’ve seen it called. It’s a call and you have to live with it but I still think the officials should only call it if it’s really obvious, like receivers offside or in hockey offsides at the blueline. This one, the Argo game, was not really obvious I don’t think.

i dont feel it is right that they fine people for this. everyone knows the officiating is terrible. they are just saying what the forums have been saying all year.

the officiating in NOT terrible.

it is no worse than in any other league in the world

every fan of every sportleague in the world complains about their officials

fans that keep complaining year after year, demanding perfection, even though they say otherwise, are who is terrible.

that makes one person happy with the reffing this year.

Fining Andrus for stating the obvious was ludicrous. The game is officiated by human beings so there will always be errors and missed calls. Most who are directly involved or who have ever played the game understand and accept that. What is not acceptable is the inconsistency which is what Andrus was alluding to. Call the game loosely or call it tight, no one cares. Just be consistent so that the players and coaches have a reasonable idea of what to expect from the officiating and can adjust accordingly. That is not happening right now. Non-calls by the way, should never happen - they are inconsistent by definition.

It wasn't a blown call on the Moreno interception. The guy lined up offside. The video shows he lined up offside.

Yes officials make mistakes but not as many as fans claim IMO. So many times we blame the officials for something or other and even when the evidence clearly shows the official was right we still don't accept it.

As for Andrus, this wasn't the first time he made comments about the officials. He wasn't fined back in August but I wouldn't be surprised if he was warned.

I'll be happy to contribute to an official fund that helps pay for the fine.

If a head coach or player doesn’t like the refereeing, he should write a letter to the commissioner, not blab to the media.

I agree completely with the bolded part. The other part I just mostly agree with. :slight_smile:

Every once in a while, there is a monumentally screwed up call. Last year ejecting Armour for being pushed into an official was awful. This year, the Montreal-BC end of the game call was awful, until we heard Higgin's/the CFL's side of the story.

IMO you didn't play good enough if one call causes you to lose the game. A good team has a bit more of a cushion than that by the end of the game, or has lots of time to overcome the "bad call"

So at the beginning of the year, (in another "Bashing Officials post" ) I challenged all you whiners who complain about Officiating to go out and volunteer your services to Community Football as Officials (I'm too old to do that). Has any one signed up? Just holding the sticks for my Grandson's game has made me appreciated how fast (Even in Bantam Football) things happen. Any one walk a mile in the Officials shoes yet?

I'm with Footballyoubet. All sports leagues have calls that go one way or another. Its part of the game. This year is no different than others. Suck it up and deal with it.

Yikes…a voice of reason…I may have to lie down…

Sad, because they are right, the officials are just too inconsistent to be trusted.

adding more teams to the league is great, but IMHO, the league needs to focus on improving it's refs, that should be it's number one priority.

and I say the CFL get progressive, and hire some well trained women refs like the Aussies have in the AFL down under.

.....when are these guys gonna learn....Bart ( who has now found out) and Zeke (who knows better) are examples of why you don't go running your mouth off about the officiating....IT IS a tough job....errors WILL be made ...but for cripes sake keep it under your lid....EVERY TEAM this year has had calls go against them, that would make you want to tear out onto the field and light your hair on fire (in Kelly case..impossible and in Barts case not advisable)'s part of the game..To jump all over the officiating publicly is dumb and a no-no....something these two have just found out..good on the commish... :thup: