Just saw the interview of Andrus at the practice facility.
He admitted it was his fault for not going for the FG.
It takes a good man to admit his fault instead of the regular bs we hear from others.
The only problem is how Andrus with his poor coaching in all likelihood cost the team two games.
I am hoping his learning on the job is over as it is killing us.

Now if he would only admit the mistake of letting Bruce go :o

Andrus couldn't bring Bruce back after the comments Bruce made public. Had Bruce acted professionally to his benching, he would be in an Argo uniform today.

Argotom; I hear you.

And Arland Bruce is busy scoring TDs for the Ti-Cats while the Argos continue to have no offense. This was cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Agreed!! I really hope the ARGOS and Andrus learn from past games. A sweep of the Ti-cats and we've back in this.


Phew; big mistakes out of the way before we play Hamilton.
We could only go up from here....GO ARGOS GO!!!
Hopefully, we kick Hamilton's butt and the second half of the season is better than the first.

You have to win both Games if you Don't We sink your Playoff dreams IMO
Should be a Blast the next two games .. I love the back to back games.
I love Talking to other Fans even in Double Blue .. Enjoy It don't get better then This