Andrus admits his mistake.

Just saw the interview of Andrus at the practice facility.
He admitted it was his fault for not going for the FG.
It takes a good man to admit his fault instead of the regular bs we hear from others.
The only problem is how Andrus with his poor coaching in all likelihood cost the team two games.
I am hoping his learning on the job is over as it is killing us.

Admitting it is a good sign, the mark of a winner I think in the long run, not this year but maybe next.

Of course in the unlikely event that they had scored on that play he'd be a hero, but even I could see it was a very low percentage play and that the FG was right decision.

A revolving door of coaches isn't going to help the Argos. They need to stick with this guy win or lose. He will get better, and Argos have already shown improvement.

It was a bone head call...I was at the game and when we got to the fifty I thought..."Ok, us that big leg"...turned my head to talk to a friend only to turn around and Medlock...I thought, "no, no, no...what the f--- are you doing?!".

I think Andrus thought he had enough time (why)?? to just get the ball closer for a field goal, the Hail Mary ended up being thrown when nothing short was available.

You are dead on...a new coach won't help & the Argos, despite the worst record in the league, are improving.

If the Argos are smart, they’ll stick with Andrus for a few years, it’s not like he inherited a team like the Als like Trestman did.

If I were an Argo fan, I'd be concerned of the thought process of my head coach.

Not sure about NFLE, but in the CFL it's pretty well known that you need 7 seconds to get 2 plays off. If you've got 6 sec. or 5 sec. on the clock, you realistically only have time for 1 play.

Andrus' excuse that the quick pass was covered so the QB decided to go deep, just doesn't wash.

Even with 7 seconds left, the coach has to call a sideline pass, a "sure" play designed to get the hot receiver is open. The coach must also instruct the QB that if the sideline pass is not there, to rifle the ball out of bounds to stop the the Argos could at least attempt a long field-goal.

With 5 sec. left, you will hardly ever be able to get 2 plays off. The coach should of decided to kick the FG or do a proper hail-mary...not throwing to a single receiver in double coverage. Didn't his kicker hit the upright on a 57-yd attempt earlier in the season...(but apparently he did have the air conditioning at his back.) :wink:

I also noticed the Argos have terrible clock management to end several games. They wasted at least 10 to 20 seconds on the final drive by not snapping the ball quickly after the play had been whistled in. This has been the pattern in several Argo games this season.l

Andrus just seems to stand by himself on the sidelines, not talking to anyone? Perhaps he should of been imploring his QB to hurry up...or in a previous game, having his Special Teams having the right number of players on the field for the winning FG? Instead he just stands there, seemingly blithely unaware of what's transpiring on the field.

The team and Andrus must hire an experienced CFL offensive coordinator for next year and while we are at it, like some other teams especially the Cats, a QB coach is also crucial.
If Matt Dunigan was ever thinking of coming back he would be perfect, but he has a great gig on TV and why would anyone blow it up.
Here is also a must read for all in a good article from Dave Naylor.

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Thanks for posting that link, argotom, a good read indeed.

At least you have coaches who will admit to mistakes, argotom. Some Rider coaches are in denial about their mistakes.. and more than just one.. the HC, offensive co-ordinator and ST coaches are on going mistakes... :?

You are right sambo, I guess we can add Mike Kelly to this "club" as well.

The roof was open for the Bomber/Argos game but closed for the game against the Stamps. It is well known that the ball carries better in the Rogers Centre when the roof is open. Even with the roof closed, I still would have gone for the field goal though.

A slight chance, well in Medlock's case a better than even chance, is better than the alternative which we all saw.