Andrew Woodruff`s Situation

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Another great human interest story from Herb that points out how scary concussions can be.

And Andrew, should you read this, we certainly haven`t forgotten your contributions to the team. First and foremost we want to see you healthy, and only then back at left guard.

Andrew : If phobias interfere with your life, there is a clinic for treatment at The Montreal General Hospital. Treatment is usually very effective. In my working life I used to conduct therapy, mostly working with small groups. Treatment can be provided on an individual basis but, I found group treatment enhances as group members offer great tips to each other and, there is always great support and rapport in group situations. Best wishes to you.

That's probably the best piece Herb has ever written. :thup:

Woodruff a déjà la sagesse de prendre les étapes une à la fois. Il a donc le recul qu'il faut pour ne pas se faire d'illusions sur l'avancement réel de sa réadaptation et le réalisme qu'il faut pour remettre à plus tard l'issue de ses aspirations et de ses capacités.

Woodruff est un gars intelligent. Il va faire ce qui le mieux pour lui et les siens.

I believe the PBS program on the concussion issue was a needed force enabling players, coaches and others to examine the risks in contact sports. I believe this information should not be now tossed away but, kept alive for everyone with some connection to these games.