Andrew Smith

Les Alouettes listent un demi inséré de 6'8", 320 lbs!!!! :o

Est-ce qu'Andrew Smith est réellement un demi inséré ou est-il un joueur de ligne qui a été mal listé?

Only thing close I can find is Andre Smith that was on the Bears roster but he's listed at 6.5 270. Still pretty big.

Its 4th rd. draft choice SB Andrew Smith whos supposed to be 6' 1", 200 lbs., unless hes been hanging around McDonalds with Johnson.

Roster is a mess, Richard not complaining to the right people! :smiley:

They stretched him in the chicken nugget machine ?

Andrew Smith is listed as SB, 6.01 and 200. Number? 86


Oui, ça a été corrigé.

Maintenant, nous avons un demi offensif de 6'3" et 320 lbs en Jean-Christophe Beaulieu! :lol:

Bwwahhhhhh :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Jean-Christophe Beaulieu a perdu 100 livres hier! :lol: