Andrew Hawkins

Johnny`s buddy Senior, who was actually posting on the Roughriders forum last week, always claimed Hawkins got a raw deal from the Als.

Well in Le Journal today Hawkins is thankful to Trestman for making some phone calls to help him get into the NFL, and for also helping him develop into the player he has become.

Trestman, whatever other criticisms we may level at him, always looks out for his players. He puts them first and I think anyone who spends time in the locker room understands that.

I remember reading that at Trestman`s introductory press conference, he noticed some players seated at the rear. He stopped to see that room was made for them in the front, because to him they are the most important people in the organization.

He absolutley believes in his heart that he is there to serve the players. It is part of who he is, its not a gimmick. I am really glad that he has decided to coach this team for the long run. Jim is the same way, he goes out of his way to help the players reach their goals. Same with his football people. That's why he has the connections and relationships he has.

Me and my oldest son were present when Marc Trestman was introduced as Head Coach of the Alouettes; was on january 8,2008 at La Brasserie Molson,1670 Notre Dame East.-209 kms from my home in Gatineau- I had been invited by Mr. Larry Smith and he told me to contact Louis-Philippe Dorais for details; Louis-Philippe was then Assistant to Vice-President of communications,Claude Rochon. Lunch was served.

Louis-Philippe did introduce me to Mr.Trestman and his wife. I did meet/spoke with many players. During his speech, Mr.Trestman said that the players-they were at the back- should be in front; without them we would not be here. He emphasized that the players are number 1/priority 1/the ones who should be in the front.

It was on this same day,after the conference, that Etienne Boulay announced that he would try the NFL.


So you`re the one that taught Marc all about the CFL. :smiley:

Wow... That's cool. Thanks for sharing.

En passant, il m'a semblé lire dans la version imprimée du 'Ournal de ce matin que Hawkins a dit qu'il n'y avait aucun receveur de la NFL qui valait Richardson. Si j'ai compris correctement, j'appelle ça un hommage. Si j'ai mal compris, j'appelle ça un malentendu. :wink:

You know. Your handle would have been really funny if you had chosen LeStaf Inflection.

Hey Richard, that must have been a really cool day to hang out in Alouettes land man. Great post, fun story. :thup:
Got anymore. Maybe a wild memory from days when the big O had no roof. Before my time, but love to hear em’.

Le CHugg.

1981 Grey Cup: Between Edmonton and Ottawa. Amazing game Edmonton was a heavy, heavy favourite. Was 13 years old and took my girlfriend with me. Absolutely the coldest I've ever felt and I've been up to the artic 3 times. Over 50 000 people in there. The humidity was so bad that it went right through you and you felt like you were sitting on a block of ice. By the end of the first quarter the GF couldn't take it anymore she wanted to go home. I said hell NO! Ottawa almost pulled an upset they led for most of the game and Edmonton managed to get back in the game in the second half with Jim Germany and Warren Moon running the ball and the help of the officials. But the player of the game was JC Watts Tony Gabriel playing with two torn knees, yes both knees torn up and he managed to play and catch some balls ! The officiating was terrible and to this day I don't know if the officials were bought off. Would be the last time Ottawa was in the Grey Cup. Helene never talked to me again LOL !