Andrew Hawkins

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Hawkins has already been released by the Rams and appears headed to B.C.

I have mixed feelings about this. In 2009 I thought Hawkins was a star in the making. However last season he never appeared to have completely recovered from his ankle injury in terms of his quickness, and dropped too many passes.

On the other hand Maypray has been a complete disappointment to me. I really thought we would see progression in his development this year. However, he is just not an instinctive returner. Time to give Slaughter a shot.

Released by St-Louis but claimed by the Cincinnati Bengals.


Thanks Richard. I see now where the Saints ( Sean Payton is a friend of Trestman) also put in a claim for him but Bengals had the poorer record.

Good for Hawkins, hope he makes it.

You gotta laugh
There was never any indication that Hawkins had lost any speed or mobility since his injury
In reality...the very fact of NFL interest is proof to the contrary
We all know how obsessed the league is with the most minute of stats

If Hawkins doesn't stick with an NFL franchise...all indications are he'll loin his cousin in BC
Our loss...their gain
The "dropped passes" we're mostly in that abysmal performance..last game vs the Argos
Frankly he wasn't the only Alouette to stink the place up that week
If anyone dares remember that debacle

All the best to Hawkins
He could have been our "Chris Williams"
But the Alouettes blew it with the Hawk
I for one won't be surprised if he comes back to the league and makes it big with a team that gives him the chance he deserves.

Presently, Rashaud Slaughter is no longer on the practice roster; he has been replaced by Jeraill McCuller.

The active roster has presently only 45 players; maybe Slaughter will become number 46.

As per the Als roster,Justin Conn has been released,J.P. Bekasiak transferred to 1 game injury list and Ryan Lucas added to active roster,thus creating a place for 1 more player; It will not be Moton Hopkins,since Marc Treastman told Herb that the DT,beside Eric Wilson, will be Stewart and Lucas. Awful! I will not be surprised if we lose to the Argos.


Yep going into thursday's game with the same old crappy lineup. We should just start at our own 15 yard line everytime no point kicking to us, Maypray aint going any farther. Actually we will even be more crappier Bekasiak was one of the only bright spots we have had this year.


While others have ragged on Eric Wilson
If anyone has hurt us inside it's the undersized Anwar Stewart
I don't pretend to be an expert on D-linemen
But I'm sure it's a bit more complicated than shifting to the right by one spot and getting on with it.

Now we're adding a reject that couldn't crack the Alouettes lineup in 2007-2008
And couldn't make it on that powerhouse D-Line of the Saskatchewan RoughRiders :wink:

And all this against Chad Kackert...last week's Offensive Player of the Week
Brilliant Strategy!

Rashaud Slaughter must have been released; hence, the 46th player added to the active roster is Dallas Baker,import WR; imagine,we have 6 import receivers,on the active roster,excluding Tim Maypray. I do know that one of the six WR won't play,but,nevertheless,why so many import receivers. Most teams play 3 import receivers,excluding KR. We play 5. We could dress 1 more import DT and 1 more import LB or import DB. Would improve our special teams.

Back to our defensive tackles; yes, our best one,since the beginning of season, has been J.P. Bekasiak; he has had 11 tackles,compared with 6 for Wilson and 4 for Stewart; no sack for any of these 3 players.When we compare with other eastern teams,we realize that: Smith and Steele of Hamilton have had 27 tackles and 2 sacks; Brown and Smith of Winnipeg have had 24 tackles and 5 sacks; finally,Huntley and Wroten of Toronto have had 22 tackles and 4 sacks.-Huntley played in only 4 games.

Dorion Smith of Winnipeg,Albert Smith and Eddie Steele-N- of Hamilton, Kevin Huntley and Claude Wroten of Toronto are all defensive tackles signed by their team in the past 2 to 3 years. Not 1 good DT was signed by Jim Popp in these 3 years; he should concentrate more on this position rather than import receivers. As a fifth receiver,Eric Deslauriers would do as good as any 5th import receiver; in the past 4 years he never had the chance to prove what he can do.

While I have picked the Als to win on Thursday, I am presently tempted to change my pick; I will wait until Thursday afternoon. If they lose Thursday,they will also lose on the 11th,against Edmonton.


It appears that Popp, unlike other years has not provided us with any great rookies this season. I have to agree re Maypray, he is not at all productive at all. Looking at his play from last year when he did run back a couple of TS's, I would regard his play at regression. I like what I have seen of Larry Taylor to date. I just quickly scanned the roster which confirms my opinion that we lack NCAA rookie talent. Richard V's above information re Popps failure at acquiring defensive tackles as compared to other GM's acquisitions is further telling re Popp's poor efforts with our Alouettes! Our GM's acquisitions were a couple of NFL receivers and, an older back who could not get himself back to playing shape quick enough for training camp. When we talk of efficient and competent GMs this year, It is Erik Tillman who gets the nomination. The Als to-date are a sorry looking group which might indicate why the team cannot fill the small stadium this year.

Please excuse the typos- zoom, I am gone!

One more roster move Richard - Matte moved to the 9-game injured list.

And come on everybody - 2 losses and everybodys jumping ship! Its only 2 losses after all the great football weve had the last couple of years. Popp and Trestman didnt suddenly become stupid. We have to give it at least a few more games, and also see who Popp brings in from NFL cuts.

I agree though about the overemphasis on American receivers - Deslauriers definitely deserves a shot. It is also time to replace Maypray. But on the other hand B.C., Tor., and Sask. would love to have some of our receivers.

Also time to expand the playbook instead of the constant reliance on Richardson and Green

As A.C. has been saying, there is definitely parity in the league - Winn. and Ham. have certainly gotten closer to us. As for Edmonton I honestly don`t think they can keep it up.

It is also normal for a successful team like the Als to avoid taking a hard look at themselves - for instance replacing a Wilson or Stewart - as long as they had been a 2-time Grey Cup winner. Maybe now they will start to take a harder look at things.

But I`m still keeping the faith - we still have the best owner, G.M. and head coach.

Parity in the league
Is there though?
Word is...the Eskimos are the new Alouettes
And what have the "New Alouettes" to say about this fabled parity? Week 2 The Esks downed The Cats 28-10
Last week...despite undoubtedly their worst performance of the year
They beat the Argonauts 26-25
Verrrry Alouette-esque
Let's see how they do against Winnipeg
And then against our guys

Everything in this Universe stands in balance
One man sees the league getting stronger
Another sees his team getting weaker
Perhaps both are some extent
Perhaps either...exclusively

But I put it to you
Which perspective will you adopt
in evaluating the only thing that is in your control
In order to overcome...excel and finally win?

Even the best Alouettes team has had weaknesses
I know...because I've made it my business to point them out
But although I've been accused of not being a fan
And God knows what else
What can possibly be more useful
Than a frank evaluation of one's own weaknesses
And an earnest appraisal of how to improve upon them?
Maybe before they become a real problem

No one here can know how this season will play out
Having had the "best owner, GM and head coach" is something
But in a league where everyone is attempting to claim those honours for themselves
Everyone is working very hard to strip our guys of those titles
It is both fair and unfair for fans to demand
What have you done for me lately?

Hopefully Thursday we'll have the answer we all want

:thup: Go Als Go! :thup:

"See who Popp brings from the NFL cuts" Who has he brought,during a regular season, whi has had an impact on the team? Nobody. Jim Popp says it himself; he scouts for the future/next season. The Cox, Estelle, Ferri,Guzman,Parker,Richardson all came to the Als,the year after they were cut by NFL teams,not on the same year.

I dare anyone to name me a few NFL cuts that was signed by CFL teams,during the regular season, who had a positive impact on the team,in the past 3 to 5 years. I am not talking of a player,who was with a team, had a tryout and failed and came/comes back to his team. Presently,NFL teams have 90 players on their roster. By Labour Day,it will be down to roughly 65 once you take into account active roster,practice roster and players injured,meaning that 25 or so players per team will be available; many of these 25 or so players will be at the end of their playing time,not good enough,etc; furthermore, most players released and available will wait at least 2 weeks/3 weeks before coming to the CFL. Two third of the CFL season will be gone.

In summary,unlike the seventies and early eighties, I don't expect on NFL cuts to help us in 2011.


I would have said Leroy Vann
But then you said "who had a positive impact on the team"

I may have been hallucinating
But I swear someone cracked a Leroy Vann joke during practise today
I didn't hear the whole thing (unfortunately)
But I'm sure I heard his name
And everyone laughed

Just goes to show
As much as you want it to be real
YouTube is only so much ether in the "net-wind"
And no substitute for proper scouting

On the other hand:

He was not drafted in the 2009 NFL Draft and signed with the San Diego Chargers after the draft. The Chargers waived Carr on August 31.

Greg Carr was added to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Practice Roster September 1, 2010. He was activated for the game against the Montreal Alouettes on September 25. His first catch in the CFL was a 74-yard touchdown, his second catch was a 71-yard touchdown. Carr left the game in the third quarter with a leg injury but had caught 4 passes for 185-yards and 2 touchdowns.

Remember him?!?
An NFL cut...added to the roster during the regular season...and oh...what an impact!!!

Granted...he wasn't cut the same year he was signed by the Bombers
And I have no idea what he was doing that year
But you didn't specify he had to have been cut the same year :wink:

So what do I win?

I know it hasn't been in the team's philosophy but we are lookding for one or two dlinesmen here and this team has a shot at a third consecutive cup.

Oh ! How I miss Ed Phillion :slight_smile:

Amongst others.

Here are the players the Als signed,after the NFL late/last cuts,prior to NFL regular season; these cuts occurred in the first week of September.
September 2009:

Marcus Smith-DT-Signed by the Als in March 2010. Jim Popp had praise for this player.Cut before end of 2010 training camp.
C.W. Hawthorne-Wr-Signed in June 2010. Cut before end of 2010 training camp.
Travis Keys-CB- Signed in April 2010. Cut before end of 2010 training camp.
Tyson Smith -LB- Signed in June 2010. Cut before end of 2010 training camp.
D.J. Boldin-WR- Signed in April 2010. Cut before end of 2010 training camp. Presently on Argos practice roster.
Ian Campbell-DE- Signed in April 2010. Cut before end of 2010 training camp.

As you see,none of the 2009 late cuts-as late sportscaster Ray Boucher used to say:"cut at 11.59 hours PM" -played for the Als for 1 regular game.

September 2010:

Seth Williams-CB- cut by the N.Y. Giants on September 9,2010; signed by the Als on January 20,2011. Now on practice roster.
Jeraill McCuller-OT- cut by Philadelphia on September 3,2010; signed by the Als in May 2011; played 1 game in 2011 and now on practice roster.
Brandon London-WR- cut by Pittsburg on September 4,2010; signed by the Als on October 6,2010; played the last game of the 2010 regular season. On the active roster and playing,since beginning of 2011 regular season.

Of all NFL cuts signed by the Als,in the last 2 years, only 1,Brandon London, is now playing regularly with the Als; based on these results,I definitely don't expect/put hope of a late NFL cut helping us in 2011. We will have to consider other options to improve our defensive 2011. As the late George Allen used to say,as head coach of the Redskins: "the future is now".


You may be right Richard, but if the Als have a so-so record this season the context becomes different. The team was successful in 2009 and 2010 so there was a natural reluctance to make changes.

Also a player`s position makes a difference. With some of the skill positions - WR, RB, DB - because of our motion, waggle, wider field, etc. - there is a learning curve.

For a d-lineman theres the 1-yard off the ball, but its basically mano a mano.

I remember back in 2005, Mathews had Popp bring in 2 DEs mid season - Mark Word was one, I forget the other. They didnt work out, but that`s a different story.