Andrew Hawkins


I was just wondering if you guys think now that 4th and long is over, will we see Andrew Hawkins with the Als this year. this guys is quick and could really use him on the punt/kick return as well
what do you guys think?

It will be interesting to see what the Als do. The situation is similar to that of Larry Taylor. Larry came in and spent a few months learning the CFL game and getting aclimatised to his teammates and surroundings. Hawkings is a similar size player with similar set of skills with the addition that he can play DB in a pinch, maybe even more than a pinch...

Als already have SJ Green who they need to find a spot for, Kerry Watkins is playing his option and would love to stay in Montreal and now we have Andrew Hawkins to add to the mix.

So Andrew is the injury BU for Larry Taylor. Jim may elect to trade a player at some point Watkins, Green, Taylor an Hawkins would all get lots of interest but right now the team has ZERO need so who knows ? In any event based on what I've seen the last couple years, it will take at least 3 months for Hawkins to be considered a "player" so you may have to be patient.

Hawkins strikes me as an all-purpose Coburne. Hope the Als keep him around.

If the Als trade IMO it would be for draft choices, Popp rarely goes the trade route.


For sure. It is more difficult to acquire picks now with the SMS. Seems there are only a couple teams willing to give them up and the rest are all like sharks circling around.

I'm really surprised that Popp hasn't offered Watkins an extension. He sits at the top of the receiver board again this year. I know he's dropped some in big games but he still is a team player and a leader on this team.

I am hot and cold with Watkins, mind you so far this year, i have no criticism. Lots of talent pushing behind, who knows.