Andrew Hawkins status?

Hey Guys,

Since 4th and long is over, I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about Andrew Hawkins? If he is going to play this year with the Als and if so, when?

I thought he performed the best on 4th and long, just the size factor got him. I hope to see him in one of the three pro leagues because he is an exciting guy to watch.

The Al's have his rights? I agree he should have won the contract.

He signed with the ALS in December.

The man has some serious talent.

Hawkins has been on the active roster-46 players- since the beginning of the season. He did not dress in game 1; he dressed for games 2 and 3; he played on special teams.


I'm a casual fan when it comes to the Als.
I'm glad I didn't see him the first 2 games or I would of wrecked 4th and long for myself lol.

did he return any kicks or was he primary a cover guy?