Andrew Harris

…I know it’s probably a ‘next year thing’ but rumours are out there already suggesting Harris will not re-sign in B.C…Most of his family live in the Peg and with his career at it’s height, I’d sure like us to make a move on him in fa…He is under contract in B.C. till Feb. at which time he becomes a free agent and will get a lot of looks…He sure would look good along side Marshal in our backfield…Apparently the rumour is he would like to be closer to his daughter in Winnipeg and he has stated in the past he would like to play for the bluengold…A long way off I know ,but it sure would give this team a boost if we were to sign him…Something to contemplate for sure over the winter… :thup: :thup:

What would be the point if we're only pounding our running backs straight into the back of our Oline? We'd wear him out by the middle of the first season. It would be great if our offensive play book was more creative but I don't think that's bound to happen with Marcel B. If we miss the playoffs I think Marcel being let go is a given. But what happens if this team pulls it together just enough to nab the 3rd playoff spot? It might be the worst case scenario that makes management feel like things are continuing to get better and keeps Marcel in as OC.

...One of Harris' stipulation for signing would be that Marcel is a no sell AND he would have to be replaced :lol: I agree wolverine ,Andrew wouldn't find the Bombers very attractive with Bellefool running the offence BUT I believe that is going to change, even if we manage to creep into the post season. :wink:

…Watched the leos get hammered by the stumps…They look a mess and are in as bad a shape as us or worse…One guy that did stand out and other than a fumble looked really solid was Andrew Harris…We have to go all out on this guy and bring him home…IF we don’t I will consider this a giant fail in free agency…He is a ratio buster and a helluva good back…can catch and is a natural…His real home is in Winnipeg and IF that was a big reason that Muamba headed home to the Als., I think we have a good chance of signing him…Not saying we don’t have other positions that need filling as bad but that would be a tremendous start to 16’ if we can ink Andrew…He has got to be high on Walters list and I hope we can get it done. :rockin:

Anything that gets Hurl & Bucknor out of the starting line up is fine by me.

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...Best takeaway from #BCLions locker cleanout -- Andrew Harris, asked about free agency: 'writing's kind of on the wall'. More @TSN1040

Guess it depends on your point of view but the way I read that is that it seems he and the Lions are far apart.

...I think Hurl was making a 'little' progress but really we can do better...We need a tough son of a twitch in the middle and I think Hurl gets run over too often and seems to be out of position a lot....Bucknor has the right passport but other than that...a big shoulder shrug from me...Get's beat too often and in that last game in T.O., wiffed on a tackle that went for a big gain when there shouldn't have been any... If he was playing for his position next year....giant fail..Weak link and agreed he needs replacing...I'm not thrilled with the play of Neufeld on the o line either...He's an alright back-up but we have to bring in a big nasty guy along the lines of our ol vet Chris Walby,,,Now that would be a find and anchor our line...Good luck Mr. Walters in the offseason....Just a start to the small bill he has to fill :wink:

....Leos loss some other teams gain...It's all but certain that he won't be back in Van. AND I think Walters better be cooking up a good deal cuz this one is a no-brainer...I always wanted this guy in bluengold and just maybe I'll get my wish...Lions fans seem pretty resigned to the fact he's gonzo.

One would have to believe, if the family rumors are true, that the Bombers should have the inside track on his services. 1000 yard starting NI tailback.......pretty rare, pay him what he deserves.

....Harris' daughter and girlfriend are both Winnipeggers...Brought them both to a Bomber/ Lion game quite awhile ago...I remember tsn. panning them both in the stands...Guess they don't like the coast or there is just too much other family in the Peg to leave...If he gets a nice contract and not only do we pay him properly...we play him properly...Harris didn't think Wally or the present coach used his talents correctly according to him and some of their fans...We sure have a chance to do that with the proper oc hire....Hello LaPolice (I hope) or Brady...Both I'm sure realize what a talent Andrew is... :wink: :thup:

...Wally Buonos' verbal lambasting of Harris all but guarantees he is gone from the Leos...Said things like maybe Andrew should go work in a bank and a bunch of other derogatory statements to the press...I hope Harris lands with us and runs the ball down Wallys' throat when we play them in 16'...Wherever Harris goes you know he's going to produce big time and so in the end, Walters has been given a shot at a canuck running back of very high calibre...Get it right Walters... :thup:

Good job Wally, the Lions have a few other good fa's pending, let's hope he's as endearing to them too.

..Right on pigseye...I hope Wally throws a few insults Manny Arceneauxs' way.. :wink: ..

Should have all that money that was earmarked for Henoc lying around somewhere. I would imagine Harris would be near the same ballpark, though maybe a bit less unless there's a bidding war.

I hope you like him. He's a handful when not happy and that is often. And he has no qualms about going to the media on his own to discuss his concerns. Good luck.

Hopefully you have a NI RB as a back-up for when he gets hurt or else when he goes down you have to make a double switch-replace an import with a Canadian in another position.

We signed Pascal Lochard from the Lions as well who is a National RB to back him up. But if needed we could switch to a national receiver or a national on the defensive side again like Hurl or Bucknor who were starters but may end up becoming backups with the signings. No issues on that end.

…Not a lot of experience regarding Lochard but heard some good things about his potential…Apparently a good blocking back and nice size…I like the signing especially if Harris recommended him :thup:

Time to go get Matt Walter...

He'd be a great addition for the BBs. Not impressed that the Stamps let him go.

...Walter would be a great pick-up..What the heck is with Huff not re-signing and keeping his own guys...Wasn't that his big complaint about us when we went to town in free agency :lol: ..Seriously I think Matt Walter has got lots of game left ... Hufnagel is moving on from him for many reasons I would guess...Rumour is they did not see eye to eye hence the timing of this release :roll: