Andrew Harris won't be offered a contract from Lions

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Wally Buono tells #TSN1040 that the @BCLions won't make an offer to @andrewharris33. "It's time to look at doing things differently"

and from Harris

Andrew Harris ?@andrewharris33 11h11 hours ago
Well I guess that's it BC Lions fans. Thanks for all the love and support throughout my journey here in BC!

in 5 years with BC, 28 yr old Andrew Harris had 45 TD's and almost 7000 yards offence

Sad in a way, but not surprising considering last season's happenings.

It will be interesting to see where he ends up. With both Harris and Messam up for grabs, teams should be jockeying to bolster their national talent.

Some saavy team should sign both A. Harris and J. Messam, it's probably doable under the Cap, i.e. $150k each. They could be interchanged or have both line up in the backfield at the same time...kind of a Thunder and Lightening scenario and both are Nationals! So the team might need at least 4 National RB's in their system. Back in the 50's and 60's many CFL teams started a HB and two FB's along with a mobile QB (and twin tight-ends) often running double reverses and counter-plays to confuse and draw-in the defence...then pop a home-run strike to the flanker. Teams often employed only one receiver back then, who could still get open on our large field.

Dollars to do-nuts he winds up in the Peg along with a few more high profile FA's. The Bombers haven't made the play-offs now for 4 straight seasons and the natives are getting restless for a better product on the field and a more competitive team. I think they are moving in the right direction with the recent signings of ex-Riders Dressler and Macho Harris and I'm thinking that GM Walters is looking to make a big splash in Free Agency come next Tuesday.

Harris would be a perfect fit in Winnipeg.

his average yards per carry sucked. I think he is overrated. Never have been on his bandwagon. always someone I liked better.

Thanks for bringing that back to mind about the old days Xvys - backs in the I formation, backs in the T formation/and or the split formation. It’s a shame kids can’t sit just off the back of the endzone anymore like us kids did at Old Empire in the 60’s. At the end of the game you could run and beside the players as they walk off the field. That said, I’d like the Riders make a stab at getting FA Andrew Harris.

And that should mean the end of Shaq Murray-Lawrence. If they go INT at tailback they don;t need the NAT backup, and since his return game was limited to kickoff only and then lost that job to Rainey, not likely to stick on ST either. I do realize that Rainey is FA but my point being that they were looking to replace him even LAST year means that they’ll be looking to replace him in camp.

Yet another vet that has out priced his talents. He is a good but the asking price is too much for teams to go after. There might be a team that will throw cash at him but it might be at a cost of another position that is in need. Remember as well if you have Canadian running back you need another to back him up or juggling your line up is a fact of life. It worked for Calgary for awhile but again I am sure the juggling and injuries caught up with them.