Andrew Harris to sit out up to two weeks of camp

WINNIPEG — After leaving practice early on Monday, Blue Bombers’ running back Andrew Harris watched his team work from the sidelines on Tuesday as a non-participant.

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Test him his leg was sore which he need juice for help

well this makes no sense to me

Interesting development ! He can practise today and tomorrow according to Coach O'Shea but Coach doesn't want him to ! After being off for a year all the players need the work outs and he could help the younger guys compete as back up RBs.! So that seems to mean he is not in an injured state since he could participate in practise sessions. Is he then suffering from some sort of emotional issue, that he needs to work out ? Maybe him & O'Shea are scared the Steroid testing Crew might suddenly show up if he is on the field ? Anyway what ever ! 2 weeks off the site should allow any potential issue to dissapear ! :smirk: :wink: :wink:


juice will juice

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and haters will hate :slight_smile:

Takes 2 weeks for the juice to leave his system for tests purposes I guess

has anyone in the know said anything about "juice"?

Lot of a$$hats posting on here…. Grow up.
But I agree something stinks and how can a 34 yr old not practice and expect not to be injured in first game….?

You are entitled to dissagree with other posters but calling them names is not a mature way to disagree. Especially when you agree Harris is able to practise and help the rookies develope while getting the conditioning he must need after a year break, but isn't allowed on the field ! This development is bound to raise eye brows and question why ! Especially since he was punished last playing season (2019) for having tested positive for seroids in his blood!

LOL. So many want to hate him, but he's the best Canadain RB ever.
Everyone of these salty fans would take him in a second as their starter.

Cornish will dust him if he was still around

Best juiced Canadian RB

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LOL Cornish was double juiced, and a douchebag

everyone s one something

But not everyone is a cheater

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U wish harris was like Cornish haaaaa

I heard it said some time ago that in the USA, they make heroes out of drunks, while in Canada, we tear down our heroes.

Heaven forbid that a Canadian should be a star RB without juicing.

Most Rushing Yards, by a Canadian, one season (all 1000 yard rushers included)

You do know that he got caught, right?

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