Andrew Harris suspended for two games!

So Andrew Harris has been suspended by the CFL for the next two games against the Saskatchewan Roughriders. He evidently tested positive for the metabolic steroid metandienone (brand name Dianobol):


Hopefully Johnny Augustine is every bit as ready for the job as many of us have been saying.


Ohhh jeez
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I think we are all just waiting on team spokesman @JeffHecht24 for his take on the matter… v interested in what he has to say since he’s so well versed on the drug policy

What goes around comes around.

If the Bombers really wanted to send a message to their players and do the right thing, a team fine and suspension in addition to the league suspension would be the proper thing to do.

Only thing is the troika don’t have the balls to step up and lose Harris and that is the bottom line.

Twitter city amongst CFL players regarding the topic.

I hardly think it warrants more than the two games he is already getting. He’s already losing two game cheques as well. The sentence in relation to the crime is fair.

Sad thing is that this will stick with him and will no doubt get brought up again when he gets inducted to the Hall of Fame.

wow. some are assuming his guilt while others are assuming his innocence.

I just say, bummer either way.

And what did he say. He admitted guilt but he did NOT know he was doing wrong. this reminds of an honest Olympic athlete taking a cold medicine and not realizing there are trace amounts of a banned substance in it. That athlete gets banned and meanwhile a whole country like Russia gets a free ride…

I gotta ask “Why was Harris getting picked for testing more often than anyone else on the team ?”

Anyway he owned up and will pay his penalty. Is that not enough ?


I guess it is what it is , wheather it was taken on purpose or not. I don’t think it will taint his legacy that much as it happens so often. It is odd that he had a clear test 10 days earlier. The two game suspension is enough.No other team to my knowledge tacks on extra suspensions for this so why would the Bombers ?

No one does this for performance enhancing drugs, why would you think the Bombers should or would ?

Because people will not forgive a convict who has paid his debt to society is a big reason there are repeat offenders. Harris admitted he done wrong. His penance is two games. That should be it.

Now if they catch him again, well…

Realize that no does it, but if the team doesn’t take the league policy seriously than why should the player.

This Bomber management group has a frequent history of being less than forthcoming. It plays on the trust that a fan extends.

Maybe a team fine or a salary cap penalty of some sort would be a more appropriate measure to get the teams on board with league policy.

Never going to happen. It is what it is.

The team IS on board with leauge policy. So why would they do it ? The Bombers are no less forth coming than any other team. There is no reason to take the actions of one player as an excuse to slam management. It has nothing to do with them. The days of this site turning every single thing back on the management are gone.

One would think that your above post would be enough to explain most fan’s opinions but maybe the need to spread blame to those not involved is a type of addiction. I don’t know…I do know that Joe is a very knowledgeable poster when it comes to football and the players.

Great post, Aulcee.

Agree. Surprised he got caught though. Not very smart.

It’s a weird thing to test positive for given how that particular steroid is an old one and not commonly used anymore. There are other compounds now he could have taken and that come with masking agents to hide his use. And if he was really doping and decided to load up after the last test thinking he wasn’t going to be tested anymore there would be more than a trace amount in his sample. That’s assuming that he really did have a trace amount. The supplement industry is very unregulated and the purity of what you’re getting can sometimes be a guessing game, even if you’ve used something in the past that was clean.

Bottom line, he’s taking his punishment, lesson learned, and we’re moving on. I think Julian Edelman should serve as a good example. He was suspended last year and came back to be Super Bowl MVP. Will it or should it tarnish Harris’ legacy? Does anyone remember the other players the CFL has suspended under the drug policy? Harris may stick out because he’s probably the biggest name, but unless he has a second positive test before his career is over, this becomes just a blip.

There is a part of me that says Ho-Hum when it comes to PEDs and football.
PEDs are generally used to help players recover more quickly from injury and allow them to train harder. If a guy uses them and sits around without working the PED will not help them.

We want our players to hit HARD and OFTEN then discard them when hurt.

I would guess that they are in use a lot. If a player, who’s career is short anyway, chooses to use them to help with shortening the injury it can be argued " why not"?

A lot of great football players have been linked to use. Even Peyton Manning whose wife took the fall when it was shown that a large shipment went to his house when he was trying to recover from nerve damage after neck surgery. She said it was for her use for anti-aging.

…Really disappointed in this whole mess…Grey Cup contender…a Cadillac of a team and the wheels appear to be falling off…Andrew did the right thing and owned up…doesn’t make this situation for the team any better…Now we hear that Mathews has been given the heave ho…Not surprising as he has looked anything but his former self…AND we see that Willy Jefferson is sporting his number at practice today…Is that a statement because they were close friends… All of this just before 2 important games in the season…great timing…Also we have signed our third qb…a guy nobody even heard of …I hope this is just to round out the roster as far as qb’s go and that they expect Nichols to be back this year…These latest events could send this club into a tail spin… these things tend to snowball…I pray I’m wrong and we have enough character on this team to pull it all together and continue our winning ways…Seems very concerning and a tad doubtful at the moment

That’s too bad. Some self created adversity. Should be on a high after beating Edmonton too.

Lets hope that O’Shea can keep them together. The rails get slippery with things like this.

Yeah, absolutely. Thanks for posting this. Just watched the video and I feel bad for the guy. If what he’s saying is true regarding the trace amounts, especially after a previous clean result, seems to me the league should say something about the likelihood of this being a likely case of supplement contamination.

The fact that it came up clean 8 weeks ago indicates that he wasn’t doing it to cheat. If he was cheating, he would have at least started before Game 1. The only way that he is guilty is if he got injured in the Ottawa game in Week 4 and was using it to speed up recovery. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense to start juicing in Week 4 of the season. Given the facts, it was probably actually an accident this time.