Andrew Harris Suspended 2 Games (PED)

Tested positive for methandienone per TSN

According the Harris via the article, he tested 3 times this year with the first 2 negative.

Quite a lengthy statement from him. I take it there’s no appeal process considering the earlier ones?

A couple of key games he’s going to miss.

Nothing like good, swift kick in the mouth to start a Monday morning.

Well, how convenient for Sask.

That was actually a pretty convincing denial. I wonder if there was any possibility of a re-test, since he appears to dispute the result?

Unless the league wants to contradict both Harris and O’Shea that he was tested 10 days before the positive test it seems to indicate he took something without knowing the banned substance was in it.

For now I believe Harris’s statement and that this was not a deliberate attempt to cheat.

A re-test after the fact would be like asking a cop to follow you after you got caught speeding. Perhaps the test itself can be challenged but I cant imagine a re-test is possible.

That earth tremor that you just felt was the collective result of every melon head in Rider Nation across the province doing handstands and back flips after hearing of this news . :o

While I admit I couldn’t be happier with the timing of this, my true feelings are what does this do to his reputation and does this tarnish his recent record breaking milestone? Only time will tell. Still deserves to be in the HoF in my opinion.

I think he was referring to a re test of the same sample. If this was done properly, and the CFL has a history of not handling drug testing effectively, his test would have been split into two samples, one for testing and one for a retest should it be requested after a positive result.

Honestly I’m not interested in any excuses or stories, its in his system he’s responsible. Period.
Steroids can be masked explaining the “trace” amounts - which by the way is his story not anything official.
If its someone else’s bottle he should know better than to touch it, and just like drinking at a party he should know where his water/pre-workout etc. is at all times. Handing it to a trainer and closing your eyes doesn’t count either.
Whether he knowingly did it or not it doesn’t matter to me - 2 games. See ya.

Every athlete found to have something in their system is the same story

  1. I didn’t do it.
  2. It was trace amounts
  3. Must have been contamination
  4. I would never knowingly cheat

And before you call me a homer - I didn’t believe Brandon Banks, and I didn’t believe Mike Jones.

Unless its something stupid like the NFL / Pot issue I have little sympathy for anyone that tests positive.

He already appealed and the backup sample was tested.

It won’t affect his HoF induction.

My question is whether a player can still win Most Outstanding Canadian in a season which includes a two-game PED suspension.

With Singleton out of the league and Sinopoli strangely neutered, I’m not sure they were even going to bother with the nomination process this year, when everyone knew who was going to win it.

I`ve always had a lot of respect for Harris. Hopefully he hasn’t pissed away his great season and reputation.

That’s too bad…

He was tested 3 times already this season?? :o Is that normal?

yes, very convient timing…

Definition of random.

Agree all the way.

Couldn’t agree more.
And heh, to assume the Bombers can’t win without him in Regina is as lame as assuming the Riders can’t win with him playing.

3 times halfway thru the season is “frequently random”

Do results change that quickly? Did they suspect something? Did others ask for this testing to be done?

But I agree with the others, it would just be refreshing to see an athlete comeout and say “you got me, my bad”