Andrew Harris most career rushing yards by Canadian

What about my post is outlandish? Is he not the clear leader at his position - even with being suspended 2 games?

I fail to see how Fajardo is a better option.

-Will lead the league in passing
-over 600 yards rushing
-27 total TDs
-And most importantly wouldn’t be a PR nightmare as an MOP as he wasn’t caught using banned substances.

Maybe lead the league in passing with a nice 4K yards, but 5K is an MOP year
600 yards rushing? Meh, Strev could get that in half a year.

He’s had a good season for sure, but he’s not the clear leader at his position is he? Not even just in the West…

Yes but Stev would never throw for over 4000 yards.

Your ignoring of the fact that he was suspended for two games because he was using a banned substance, a performance enhancing drug.

You trumpet the fact that his numbers are great despite missing two games, but ignore the fact that missing those two games was because he was found to have broken the rules which is not the case for the other contenders.

I suspect that fact will make some/many/most [?] voters hesitate to conclude that he “deserves” the award.

You omit that fact that while yes…he is the leader after missing 2 game… He leads Stanback by 350ish yards but played 3 more games than Stanback and Stanback is platooned with Johnson. Stanback has a higher average per carry. Stanback has more TD and more carries for 20 yards or more

I am not saying that Stanback should be MOP but Neither should Harris be…His numbers are not that outstanding…and he he tested positive…so IMO all his numbers are questionable

As I have said many times. Idk wat the story his with Harris & “PEDs”.
The only thing that anyone really knows is the speculation that comes out of the media.

I dont even think ive heard much if anything from those who actually get to vote for MOP this year.

So as far as im Concerned.
YES Andrew Harris is a top runner for the West MOP & potentially the overall MOP.
As far as I can see he is hands down the
MOC in the league. I cant think of any other Canadian who has had close to a better season.

As for QBs in the year of the backup with starters injured.
Im not sure among all that mess that any QB has enuff body of work in enuff games to garner an MOP.
Not to say that Farjardo & VA jr in Montreal havent had great seasons.
But are they MOP worthy as they played alot but took time to get into the season convo.

BLM. Missed too many games imo. The same with Trevor Harris.
Although BLM has been lighting it up since his return.
& Trevor Harris before his injury.
BLM post injury has lost some key games
While Trevor Harris Pre Injury the same.

Right now do to the QB carosels its hard for me to point out a deserving QB to take Mop.

If ya wana go by sheer offensive passing yards when they have played.
Than McBeth should be in the convo. As he is still lighting it up and is among the leaders in passing yards & I beleivevafter week 20 leads the league in passing TDs. For a crappy team.

So to me in the West Andrew Harris has had THE best season.
In the east Speedy B.

Overall though I would vote for Speedy B as overall MOP. Thats Jmo.
& it doesnt take away the season Andrew Harris has had one bit.
Alot of guys on defense have had great seasons. But its hard to get an MOP as a defensive player.
And as good as some guys have been.
Its just not enuff.

Adams, is that you? One of those games he was held out was the rematch vs us…and after the beat down Harris gave him (after Adams called Stanback the best) I’m pretty sure they just held him out so his confidence wouldn’t be bruised (again). ;D

Again, I’m not ignoring nothing - that is you or any other just completely disregarding Harris due to the suspension. Will he lose some of the votes? Sure. But he will still get votes.

Ignoring the irony of your double negative, I’ll say that I’m not so sure he will get any votes for MOP. It will be interesting to see how the writers vote for MOC, though. Statistically, Harris should be a shoe-in. But given that those stats were accrued, at least in part, through steroid use, I’m sure some votes will be cast elsewhere.

OK, how is the MOP awarded? How many individuals get to cast votes?

If there are more than 10 voters in the West, and not 1 casts a vote for Harris, I’ll have no problem coming on here and saying you guys were correct and the suspension obviously really hurt him. If he does get even a single vote (because you guys are saying he won’t get any, or that its outlandish to even consider him), will you come back and say I was right? ???

Harris deserves nomination. The haters cannot take away what he has earned.

Canadians have difficulty getting votes for MOP at the best of times, because they have the MOC award to fall back on.

The haters didn’t make Harris take the PEDs that helped him unfairly “earn” impressive stats. The question is: What will the sports writers make of the situation?

Should Harris receive some votes for MOP, I don’t think anyone here would hesitate to acknowledge it. Has anyone here asserted that he will receive no votes?

Harris will not be the west nomination for MOP. Fajardo solidified that with his 400+ yard passing game and another late 4th quarter game winning drive last night. Plus odds are Fajardo plays for the best team in the west.

Again - meh…4500 yards is not an MOP season.

Back to Harris though, his 3Peat will be only the 2nd time a CFLer has accomplished this in the 21st Century (John Cornish was the last, and another Canadian)

Most rushing yards by any Canadian - ever 8)

It’s been a treat watching him play for his hometown over the past 3 seasons.

Now thats an excellent point as well. Farjado is among the league leaders in all categories. & is playing for on of the best teams.
But what I overlooked as well is that Farjdo has started and played in every game since week 2.
& in Week one aside from 3 plays he basically started everygame.
I could be wrong about that. So if I am let me know.
Plus the Sask offense has a balanced running and passing attack which has inclyded Farjardo in designed run plays. So he isnt just slinging the ball up for big yards

Exempt me please from the “you guys.” I never said he won’t get any votes, what I said was:

Neither “some”, “many”, nor “most” include ‘all’. The fact that I added the [?] was intended to show that I have no idea if some, many, or most voters will cast their votes a particular way. But I never suggested that he won’t get any votes.

And as for “outlandish”, that was greenandwhite, not me, so I"ll leave him to speak to that.

You are correct, the haters (and I do not include myself in that category; like you, I have enjoyed watching him play; less so when he runs roughshod over my team, mind you!) cannot take away what you believe he has earned.

It’s the fact that he cheated in order to “earn” it that has the potential to take it away.

Some nice backpeddaling there MJ, but by replying to my earlier “What about my post is outlandish” comment, you infact do include yourself in that group.

4500 and 600 rushing yards IS though. Fajardo also has 6 more rushing TDs than Harris, leads all QBs in passer efficiency, and most importantly didn’t need PEDs to do it.

I said that I am not saying that Stanback should be MOP so I really don’t understand why you are going on about a beatdown and who said what and who’s feelings were hurt

But with all that…
Stanback still played 3 games less…has more TDs a higher yards per rush average and more gains of 20 yards or more…

How do you give a most outstanding award when someone else was more outstanding? And he didn’t cheat

And I will say it again…I am not saying that Stanback should be the MOP

Agree, and he will be the safe choice to rep the West most likley - only due to the suspension. Harris’s stats are more impressive.