Andrew Harris most career rushing yards by Canadian

Deserves a thread! Only one post so far on the record night (acknowledged by R&W in the game thread), but I would have thought this would garner more attention.

3 straight rushing titles? If so this one would be the most satisfying I’m sure after the suspension. He would be the 1st Bomber back ever to accomplish the 3peat, and only a few have ever done it in the league history.


You just know he’s going to have a big playoff…hoping for all kinds of bad weather 2 weeks from now!

Unfortunately he was caught juicing :-[

Tainted titles now
It is probably why no one has bothered recognizing his accomplishment

You must be one of the posters thinking he had slowed down. :-[

The accomplishment is huge regardless of the suspension. And he’s in the running for MOP as well.

He’ll also be the first three-peat rushing champion since Mike Pringle completed a four-peat in 2000.


He won’t even make the final balloting in the West voting .

Besides even if he did he would have no chance because the guy pictured below will be your MOP winner for this 2019 season . 8)

I think that will turn out to be correct.

And this is why:

No MOP. He was suspended for using PEDs. It’ll be Fajardo vs. Banks.


I guess it’s important to prop up your QB but…

Check the stats. He’ll lead the league in passing (should get over 4000), another 600 rushing to date, and 26 total touchdowns (which also leads the league)

he won’t even be in the running.

average per game Dane has Fajardo in completions, yards, and Td’s.

Rielly will rank higher, as likely will BLM.

I’ll be surprised if the two finalists aren’t Banks and Fajardo .

The only two other players that might garner some votes out West besides Fajardo will probably be Begelton from Calgary and Burnham from BC . The problem though with these two are that Begelton might not even get the team nomination over BLM and unfortunately for Burnham is the fact that he has played on a last place team all season which might hurt him in the final balloting .

Why BLM???

Fajardo has more passing, more rushing, and more total TDs than BLM and, for that matter, Reilly. Plus Reilly played on an awful team.

And Dane might be but he won’t be representing the west division so not sure how you think he takes it over Fajardo

because of the BLM bias the league has.

I hate it, but accept it.

and no, I didn’t mean Dane would take it over Fajardo. Just pointing out Fajardo’s totals aren’t even as high as Evans, aside from Evans has a higher INT %.

with a year under their belts, (or close to it), I can’t wait to see both Fajardo and Evans light up the league next year.

Yes exactly. If BC is in the playoffs I think you go with Burnham but Fajardo has done far more to help his team win than Burnham has this season.

If Trevor Harris didn’t get hurt I could see him getting some looks as well.

Not this season.

And Fajardo still edges out Evans (no slight against him he’s been great) because of Fajardo’s rushing totals.

Harris deserves it just as much as any of the QB’s, and is right there with BB

Fajardo’s biggest strength over Evans is rushing.


I think Evans biggest strength over Fajardo’s is his ability to find the secondary when the pocket is collapsing. He just grows eyes out of the side of his head and finds receivers he shouldn’t be able to see.

I love Fajardo’s story, and would be happy to see his nomination for West MOP.

Not so sure about that. . . BB and the QBs, none of them were suspended two games for using a performance enhancing drug.

Exactly…suspended 2 games and still the clear leader at his position.

Multiple QBs are close in stats, WR’s too…noone is close to AH, and thats just rushing…he’s lead the Bombers in recieving yards for most of the year too.

An Al’s fan should know he’s an MOP since the suspension, he had probably the single best offensive game of any player in the league vs the Als not too long ago.

You cannot be serious