Andrew Harris - Future

but, but, but, but .... are YOU perfect?


if Harris just admitted he cheated, and took responsibility for it, he would be held in a better light. Explain to his fans that cheating wasn't the right move, and own it.

But like the rat he is, he denied it.....

Banks got busted for weed or xtc. Certainly not performance enhancers.

....Yes, your Honor, was busted for cocaine.....but at least it wasn't heroine. Pfff give a break

Not sure if the "but but but but" part is directed towards me, Meh, but but but but I'll field this one. Of course not. but but but but I didn't get up on my soap box to protest others.

can you comment on why Harris didn't own up to it, explain he cheated, which was wrong, but own it?

his legacy would still be tarnished, but at least his character would be stronger.

instead he's just a cheating loser who can't even own up to his own mistakes.

Well I'll ask him the very next time he invites over for dinner, I completely forgot the last time, my bad.

Notice I didn't stick up for Jones, who did indeed use PED's.

Yup, I did notice you only mentioned Andrew though.

You must be in your glory during the Olympics

It was not cocaine, it was MDA a form of XTC. Banks acknowledge he should have known it was banned and apologized for his actions.

Harris never apologized, admitted his use and even said he will prove his innocence. (Still waiting for that)

Mike Jones is not at the same playing level as Harris or Banks. If he was being honoroued the was Harris is, I would think the same of Jones as I do Harris.

If Harris came clean, my opinion of him might change.

but, but, but, but, do you like the Olympics?

What are you talking about?

look four posts up :slight_smile:

just more Harris based whataboutism's.

Who give a rats furry a$$. I didn't know you need to be at a certain level to not break rules.

If Andrew Harris commits to one more season at age 37 (or whatever he is) then it will be for only 2 or 3 teams who need national depth at RB and even at that, it would be for near the league minimum, given Harris's propensity for PEDs and reporting somewhat out of shape last couple years.

Is it worth all that effort to collect a few league minimum paycheques to pass Mr. Roberts? I don't think so but Harris could prove me wrong!

I wish you'd all lighten up. Andrew Harris is one of the most exciting players we've had in the last 10 years. You try doing what he's done. When he played for the Raiders he was putting butts in seats. Yes, I'm a fan and don't mind saying it.


A lot of people are 'one strike & you're out', no forgiveness for mistakes of any kind. A lifetime of achievement goes down the drain for any form of bad publicity. I'd hate to live in the public eye.

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Propensity? He tested positive one week after testing negative. PED's require a lengthy regime to be effective. I'll give him the benefit of a doubt and believe it was the stupid result of using questionable diet supplements.

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I agree with you Porky. I’m not buying that Andrew was innocent, but he is far from the only CFL player or athlete to use PED’s. Everyone deserves a second chance. I wouldn’t be as lenient for a repeat offense.

It is my observation that there is no set public standard for forgiveness for similar offences. Sosa, Clemens, McGwire and Bonds remain persona non grata. So does Lance Armstrong (maybe because he lied more than anyone about it). Alec Rodríguez and Andy Petite appear to have been largely forgiven. Ben Johnson gets soaked while obvious cheats such as Carl Lewis and Tiger Woods get a pass.