Andrew Harris - Future

They said today he was out for the remainder of the year. Tough outcome for the Winnipeg product who's evolved into one of the greatest Canadian running backs in CFL history.
Begs the question - will Andrew Harris attempt a cheap comeback in 2023, basically working at minimum CFL wage to surpass Charles Roberts for 5th all-time on the CFL rushing chart?
Or will he simply retire and try to get involved with coaching - possibly at the U of Manitoba as Brian Dobie's days appear to be numbered. Dobie is only 72 but some days he appears in his mid 90s and totally out of it.
I don't think any other CFL team wants A. Harris, aged 36/37 and breaking down like compost for $150,000 to $200,000 - his previous rate but who knows.

Working for $85,000, nabbing some records and then retiring into the sunset - - - - that might be a good ol fashioned Royal exit.

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One day contract with the Bombers to retire as a Bomber.
Not sure he would be ready for coaching at that level. Maybe at a junior level, at least to start.


I think Harris would prefer a 10 day playing contract in order to play a couple games and pass Charles Roberts on the all-time list. . . . . . but I don't think the league would ratify such a contract. I have no problem with it actually but Harris should prepare as he usually would in the off-season, prepare for battle.
Heck, if he does well after passing Roberts he could be placed on the Bombers practice roster as a reserve.
On the other hand, he might be a total distraction at Bomber training camp or on the sidelines.
Let him pass Roberts in some form or fashion then perhaps have him take over from the old guy at Oak Park (Harris's high school) who just retired. . . . and have him be a Bomber ambassador.

what a great ambassador he'd make.

show the kids what you can do with some hard work and some drugs.

The league, the Bombers and Harris himself have worked hard to cover up and smother the bon-fire re: his use of performance enhancements.

His drug use and cheating is about as forgotten as Johnny eating Nacho's.

I'm sure that Harris would want to gain one more milestone and is part of the reason he signed with Toronto. He's had such an outstanding career and deserves all the accolades coming his way but going out on top should be something he should consider for retiring. He's struggled to report to camp in top shape his last year with the Bombers and its only going to be more difficult at his age with the attendant wear and tear of his position. Not convinced he can mount another successful, even abbreviated, campaign to achieve his goal.
What ever path he chooses I hope he is satisfied and proud of his accomplishments.

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he's struggled to come into camp "in top shape" since he was busted.


Harris only needs about 138 yds rushing to eclipse Charles Roberts as the #5 all-time rushing leader and leading Bomber rusher of all-time.
I think if it was 38 yds you could roster the lad for 2 or 3 games under special CFL permission rules and let him chomp up the 38 yds in 5 to 10 reps.
However, with Harris's age and increasing infirmity at 37, you might need almost half the season to whelp up 139 yds to exceed Roberts. Thats way too much risk, extra rostering & coddling to be worth it.
If Harris hadn't torn his pectorals this season he would have easily exceeded Roberts (although the record is checkered because Harris accumulated it running for BC, Wpg. & Toronto) and would have had a decent shot at the next guy on list - where Harris is nearly 750 yds behind him.

You do remember Andrew is not the only player suspended for PED's right? Including your precious Hamilton team. Would you like a refresher.

Tiger-Cats' Mike Jones suspended 2 games for positive drug test.

Tiger-Cats' Brandon Banks barred 2 games for positive drug test.

Yet people don't go on about it. Right?


What did Brandon Banks get busted with?

Can you, in writing, and with a straight face, call it a PED?

edit: and I mean "football" performance enhancing :slight_smile:

Give it a rest. Apparently you have no idea of the circumstances of his positive test nor the drug regimen required for performance enhancing doping.

circumstances, lol.


Ok that's your defense. Good enough for me, still suspended for drugs.


Notice I didn't stick up for Jones, who did indeed use PED's.

But Banks, nope. Not PED's.

and no, Harris won't get a pass for cheating. all the whataboutism's, or circumstances, or anything else won't change he tarnished his legacy for his career.


I'm not lobbing a pass, never have. It happened that all, now Andrew has to live with it.
I'm so impressed that you yourself have lived such a perfect life you can condemn all others.

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I'm not in the CFL and I'm not looked up to by the youth of today.

Whether they like it or not, professional athletes are held in a higher regard than bums like me.

It'll always be the case.

Banks got busted for weed or xtc. Certainly not performance enhancers.

that is correct.

not PED's.

Banks didn't take get caught with PEDs but recreational drug and he admitted his use, unlike Harris.

I can't remember what Jones was caught using.

Neither Banks or Jones are being held up on a pedestal as the role model Canadian player for kids to look up to.