Andrew Grigg

Anybody else surprised by the Cats Claw selection of Andrew for the Wall of Fame as mentioned in Drew's blog?

I think Andrew Grigg was a good player and a good Canadian Receiver actually I recall Eric Tillman who was at that time an analyst for TSN with Chris Schultz and Matt Dunigan saying that Grigg had at that time one of the best hands and as a player in the CFL? My memories of Andrew were that he and Darren Flutie were very similar, although Flutie had higher numbers but just their play, size and so on?

Just another good Tiger-Cat player of many?? Eat Em Raw Tiger-Cats!!!

You mean because of this?

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He's only perhaps the most underrated receiver of all time. All he did was run his route and catch the ball. Never failed. And wasn't always all that UNspectacular either. Grigg was awesome. :thup:

I remember when he reitred and a handful of games into the season the offense was nowhere and Lancaster was interviewed. He was asked, 'do you miss star player x, star player y?' Lancaster answered, "We miss Andrew Grigg."


He was one of my favourites. Always thought it a shame that he couldn't play longer. What was it? 7 years?? A Sault Ste. Marie boy wasn't he?

I'd swear he was one of the last Ticats that I can remember to run those long deep sideline routes where D-Mac could drop the ball into his hands. But then again...with my memory...I'm lucky if I can remember to put underwear on in the morning!