Andrew Greene

Signs and retires from the Riders. What a great way to go out, bleeding green (or Greene :smiley: ).

Great player, gonna miss him.

Was a nice touch, for sure.

Welcome home Drew!!

I guess the $50,000 signing bonus he got explains why we couldn't afford Mo Lloyd.....

okay, now THAT was funny. :smiley:

Man I see this guy everywhere.

He was playing soccer against my Fiance's team in this charity tournament. He was goalkeep. He also corrected these two ignorant women who called my 1 yr old daughter a boy and said that he was eating grass - Andrew was all like, "Nah, she's just eating her crackers." Thank you Andrew for knowing my daughter was not a boy and for knowing I was not letting her eat grass.

He was also organizing a Roughrider charity autgraph session at Scarth Street Mall.

He even made an appearance and a run-in at a Wrestling show a couple years back for High Impact Wrestling. I believe he tackled Principal Richard Pound and Wavell Starr and forced them out of the ring. On a side note: I re-injured my knee on that same show.

What I am trying to say is that Andrew Greene is a true member of this community and he deserves to retire as a Roughrider.

HAHAHA!!! What? Getting trampled by kids in the Coke and chips line??? Just joking man... didn't know you were an athlete/entertainer.

Your right about AG, and thats for sure!

great post Thryllin.

Are you and your Fiance still planning the " How To Craft Your Own Mellon Head " seminar......

P.S. Shame about the knee

I like his old sig better where his chick is giving him the tongue. She looked hot doing that.

Oh oh, better check the sales of anti depresents in Prince Albert; wasn't he a favourite of jm02's? :wink:

I have two things to say . . .

  1. That's enough out of you.
  2. Thank you for the compliment.

Not only was Andrew a great player, but he was and still is a great guy! :rockin:

Greene is the Colour!