Andrew Greene

The Argos signed Greene to their practise squad yesterday. How did he perform for the Bombers last season? Does he have anything left in the tank??

Andrew was great last year.

IIRC, he wasn't resigned due to his age and salary. Had he been practising all year, I'd say he still has something left, but who knows what he's been up to. Wait and see, I guess.

He was very good. I think not having him caused some of our problems this year. He was not invited back due to salary dump, not performance. If he hasn't lost a step he'll be a good addition.

Regardless of his physical condition
ing, he will be an improvement over what the Argos are fielding now.

How about an off season deal with the Bombers involving Sheridan and Simpson for Bruce and Joseph. :wink:

No way thats a horrible trade Joseph has no potential unless we have a coach like Austin which can help him out which we don't have and Simpson will be great for us next year with him and Morenau in the middle next year thats gonna be scary we'll be playing a 3-4 next year i think. Haywood might be out the door unfortunatly.

I would however like to bring Bruce back only person i can think of being traded for him would be Robert Bean + Nugent/sherdian