Andrew Buckley

With today’s announcement that the Stamps have (FINALLY) cut Bryant Moniz … It would appear that Andrew will be the number 2 clip board holder (Drew Tate being the number 1 clip board holder) for the Stamps this season!

Glad to see the local product get a shot. I honestly think his arm is stronger than Bo’s. He just needs some time to develop more.

Who knows … Maybe Tate gets that Coaching job he was talking about next season and Buckley moves up a spot! :o


and on Friday he finally gets to start!

GO Buckley!

Excited to see what he can do!

Nice; a full year later follow-up post. :slight_smile:

Would be cool to see Buckley vs Bridge someday.

How long has it been since two Canadian QBs started against one another?

ps like your smoking cowboy?

Don’t know who added the smoking cowboy for me, but I like it!

are you making fun of my “zombie” post? :wink: