Andre Sadeghian's potential

I'm really hoping that the Cat's can get Sadeghian into the backfield before the seasons overwith.
When he was at Mac, he was dominate in the backfield...very strong with great speed.
Me thinks he could be a real "diamond in the rough". I'm trying to remember his strength test on the bench at 225lbs...but I do know that it was pretty incredible.
Sure hope he gets a chance to play this season. :cowboy:

He could Replace Jesse next year if things go well for him

or be the cdn backup or compliment to jesse. let's remember folks, jesse hasn't said that he wants out of the hammer - just alot of media speculation (albeit aided by quotes from obie as being only a 50/50 chance of him being here at 2009 TC)

Question is do the Ticats Want him back ?
Personally for 9 Games or less he'll play He not worth the Big Bucks

The Ti-cats will be fine next year when it comes to Canadian running backs. I really hope the Ti-Cats resign Lumsden. Gosh forbid he sign with TO...But if he does leave the Ti-Cats, my guess is that he will sign with the 'riders.

Next year the Ti-Cats have besides Sadeghian and Piercy, will have very good Canadian back named Griffen who is having a great year for the number 2 ranked Queens. He is a big kid with over a thousand yards rushing thus far. Lumsden, Piercy, Sadeghian and Griffen, with Keith, Caulley, is a backfield than any CFL team would covet. My guess is that if anyone goes, it could be Piercy. He has not impressed me all that much. He is a poorer version of Sask's Chris Szarka and 'rider fans tend to really over-rate Szarka. As far as blocking goes... it can be taught.

Next year will be the year for the Ti-cats. All of those Canadian first round picks maturing, great running backs, tall and athletic receivers, one of the better defensive backfields in the game plus a motiviated Casey Printers being chased by a hungry Quinton Porter. Good coaching could pull it all together. A little better pass rush and a linebacker or 2 are all that I would look for next year.