andre sadeghian now on Ticat practice roster

I'm not sure if this has been discussed yet on this forum, but the former star McMaster RB, cut by BC in training camp this year, now appears on our practice roster.

Great addition!
This kid could and should be a great pro. I'm glad we have him in Hamilton. :cowboy:

ya he was around 2 Week ago Watching Pratice.

Kind Thought he be here.

This kid has a ton of potential, if we can sign jesse long term ( soon please ) then in a year or two we will have a dynamite one two punch with both of them, not that we dont already.

It's all well and good to say that, but, can you tell me why you think so?

Hes fast and could be a suprise when called upon!Seen him play for mac and he learns fast and helped them alot.Its sometimes funny how the smart ones fit in better then the slow ones! :wink:

There's a huge difference between one comment saying he "could and should be a great pro" and "could be a surprise when called upon"

I've seen Andre play, he has heart and speed. IMO he has CIS level skills and not CFL level skills. Just my opinion. We are loaded at RB and Andre will just not be able to crack this lineup unless there are lots of injuries.