Andre Rison

…is back in the news today. Good to see that he’s his usual bombastic self. He’s claiming that he will win a starting job on the Argos receiving team. Not sure if that will be possible since he’d have to displace one of Tony Miles, Robert Baker, R Jay Soward or Arland Bruce. That’s a tough lineup to crack. However, good to see that there will be some stiff competition at camp this year.

is he going to make the roster ?

I’ll take Rison over RJ Soward
I think Arland Bruce is our best though.

Well, he made the team (albeit on the injured list for now). I’d expect we’ll see him throughout the season.

I agree with you hitman…Bruce is the best receiver. I’d be inclined to keep RJ Soward and drop Robert “Fumble Maker” Baker instead

Personally I think all of our receivers have different strengths in different areas.
The Hands belong to Talbot.
The Speed goes to Soward and Bruce.
The Play Making Ability goes to Miles and Baker.
But Rison has exprience to his credit. But exprience don’t mean to much, when you have 14 receptions, for 174 yards and a td last season. If one of our Wr’s were to get hurt, Rison is the next man in, inless of course it’s Talbot, then Palmer would take the spot. But to Rison’s credit, he must really still want to play, to be in a different country, earning very little.

he has to catch the ball.

I’m thinking Rison could be playing Saturday, depending on what happens with Baker this week. Poor behaviour Friday night.

…very good receivers in all argo fans…Talbot especially, he was catching everything sent his way…Allen could’ve thrown him a 20lb salmon and he would’ve snagged it one-handed…not sure about the Baker incident, I am on the other side of the field…

Please put Michael Palmer in for Baker. Bring Rison in as back up. Palmer has servrd his dues and has played really well when called on.

I Say Put In Miles And Rison Instead Of Baker And Soward, Baker And Soward Seem To Have A Bit Of A Superiority Issue Which Doesn’t Work Cause They’re Not That Good.

only reason he makes this team is for the ratio. Rison is a proven player. I’d rather see him in.