Andre Proulx - take it down a notch

I absolutely can’t stand it when Proulx starts to yell in the games.

At first he raises his voice on the calls and as the game progresses he starts to yell into his mic.

It drives me nuts! So completely unprofessional. He sounds as if he is pissed at the team for getting a penalty.

A good ref is neutral, calm and collected and stands in one spot, makes the call in a flat and clear voice and carries on - see Tim Kroeker as a good example.

With all his time in the league you would think Andre would get it together but he is just terrible. Time for a face to face with CFL officials to get this guy to improve his act.

He should be embarrassed by this but I don’t think he gets it.

Couldn’t agree more he looked like a mess by the end of the game

I like Andre Proulx . The man is a diabetic . He suffered a heart attack while doing an Esks game . His first language is French. Andre loves Canadian football. These are all facts!

Now try to put your self in his shoes and officiate the game but only speak French. Good luck with that ! I think the best Proulx anecdote is his famous explanation of the
player running him over in THF. “There is no flag on the play. It was an accident”.

I like the guy. Anybody who loves Canadian football is a friend of mine. :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Sometimes it does appear he is a little anti-Hamilton, but thats just me pissed at losing and blaming it on refs, when I really should blame my team. Refs have blown calls in favour of the cats as well.

I believe the french accent is accepted in this country and Kermit was a very adorable frog.

These refs dont make a whole lot of money for the heat they take. Football is just a very hard game to officiate.

We should keep the pressure on the league to improve and CLARIFY officiating…but not target any one official.

The man speaks in broken English. He thinks if he yells louder, in your face, you’ll be able to understand him better. ;D

Maybe he is yelling so the Coaches and the players on the field can hear the penalty, the yardage and the down.

I have no problems with Andre personally nor his French accent.

I do not like his “style” of officiating which clearly lacks professionalism. He does get too loud. It gets worse as the game goes on. He sounds personally offended by penalties. Can’t stand still and make a call. These personal touches make him look and sound sub par. Look at every other ref we have. None of them do that. Loving Canadian football isn’t relevant to the fact that he lacks polish.

I think Proulx has many good qualities as the head official. My take is that his games always feature an over-abundance of penalty calls. I do not know if he calls more himself, or encourages the rest of the crew to call them, but it always feels like a lot of time is spend on penalties. In particular, there seems to be many more offsides and holding calls, which don’t really show on the replays. “A thumb on the line” should not be an offside, or at least should draw a warning rather than a penalty resulting in big changes in yardage and momentum.

I’m not fond of Murphy either, but Proulx just seems to spend too much time in huddle with the officials and team coaches. If a penalty call is made, it should be clear enough that once made, it is applied, and, other than multiple calls on a single play, if it needs to be discussed with several officials, and for a couple of minutes, IMO, it is not a clear penalty.

Other than that, I think we probably dump on the officials out of frustration for our team’s lack of discipline and execution as much as for poor calls.

Proulx tends to call RTP and RTK more tightly that some other referees. I think he’s consistent in those calls, but I notice the ones against us more maybe. I haven’t noticed any other difference in his style than other refs.

Yes, he does seem to get flustered in his announcements sometimes, and occasionally has to correct himself, but that could just be the language issue coming through. And getting louder as the game goes on could simply be due to increased crowd noise, something that doesn’t always come through on TV.

I don’t have a problem with him. I just wish he’d cut down on the number of RTP and RTK penalties he calls against us. But keep calling them against the other guys. OK?

2nd worst ref in the history of mankind and Bradbury 3rd.

So the obvious question is who, in your opinion, is the worst official ? You and Seymour should be able to come up with an encyclopedic list of contenders for the coveted first place position . :frowning:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

I cannot utter the name. The name is unspeakable. It is an abomination to Almighty God to even utter the name. Hint: Now this is a really tough one: His first name begins with a J and rhymes with snake, and his last name begins with an I and is known for the country that St. Patrick hails from.

Here’s another clue for you . He’s in The Hall of Fame or is that Shame ?

Ironically Seymour Wilson, ref from the ‘50s-60s, was the Jake Ireland of his time.

It seemed anytime he officiated a TiCat game, the flags flew, mostly against one team (guess which one?).

Ahh yes the infamous Seymour (Penalties against the Tabbies) Wilson. I always cringed when he officiated a Ticats game. BTW it was justified. :frowning:

It seems to be a Hamilton staple in every era or maybe every generation to pick one official who “has it in for us”. My father absolutely despised Paul Dojack (sp?) an referee from probably the 50s and 60s who he felt (felt, heck, Dad knew it in his heart) was anti-Ti-Cat. And then, as now with Andre Proulx, it seemed that every big game for the Cats was officiated by Paul Dojack, and Mr. Dojack would. of course, always make one or two calls that would infuriate my Dad to the point of apoplexy. And this was in the radio and press coverage days, when he couldn’t even see the play live!! You can only imagine the situation when the Hamilton game was televised, and Mr. Dojack was the referee.

So when we complain about referees, or one particular referee, in to-day’s games, we’re just going along with the Hank William Jr song - following “Family Tradition”.

But we have the command centre now, surely y’all don’t think they are against us as well??

(…fictional DPI call in Argo game last year… called by the refs and confirmed by command centre)

…Now who was officiating the 2013 semi-final game, when the officials missed the PI call against us, that lead to our first GC appeance in 14 years…we need to build a statue in his honour…

the Allouettes have never been the same since.

@Palmer, your dad was right . Paul Dojack was from Regina and he seemed to referee every Cat-Rider game. We were always 10 points behind before the game started . The sad thing about Seymour Wilson was that he hailed from Hamilton .

Pat Lynch (the guy who booed Dojack’s induction at the hall of fame game)