Andre Proulx Parodies

Great find! Thanks for posting!

Nice! Tird down and tirdy tree, Amilton

I'm going to be of low opinion on this. And I know that a referee is only good as his crew. But I really like Foxcroft.

But I need to learn more about all the other judges before I form a full opinion.

Remember a poster called Big Cat didn't like him but I've always found him very fair but again he's only as good as his crew.

I like Andre. :slight_smile: He's a working guy (electrician) who could be your neighbour . For those who question his abilities, I have afew names for you : Paul Dojack, Jake Ireland, and the Angry Garden Gnome (Kim Murphy).

Tom Vallesi and Foxcroft are local guys who, like Andre, call the game well.

Pat Lynch (the old guy with whom you may disagree, although that would seem to be rather foolish of you)

You like him, really? He calls a sick phantom illegal interference on Toliver while backed in our own end on second down, negating a first down (which June Jones should have challenged and didn't) thereby allowing the Riders to ram 6 down our throats on the ensuing punt. Don't forget the intentional grounding call on Masoli although there was a receiver only 6 yards away. But then, when have the CFL ever given the Ticats a fair shake? Wait until we play the Red Blacks. You'll see just how much the league loves them and hates the Ticats.

You mean pass interference? I thought that was a good call.

And Proulx made that from behind the QB?

A Referee is not in position to make that call. It was someone else on his crew. With only one challenge, a coach has to be careful when he throws his yellow flag.

That penalty is NOT on Andre Proulx. His job is to announce and enforce the penalty, not call it.

Semantics, Sigpig. It's his crew. In the final analysis it's on him, imo.

No. Just no.

First off, it's a different crew each week. So it's not "his crew".

Second, his responsibility on pass interference calls is to take the information from the official(s) that made the call, ask others in the area who may have input to see if they saw it differently, and then relay that information to the captains, possibly the coaches, and finally to the crowd. He does have the authority to overrule any other official, but he has to have good reason to do it. He did not make that call, as it was 30 to 40 yards away, and had no reason to overturn it. He has to trust that the other officials on the field are doing their job. might be your own opinion but it’s wrongheaded. The play you’re referring to was right in front of me and I called offensive PI as it happened. Everyone around me also agreed. The replayed shown on the stadium screen certainly confirmed it as the right call. Not sure where you were sitting but you gotta take off the blinders. A penalty is a penalty even if it’s against the Ticats. Proulx is one of the best officials in the league and usually spot on in his calls. This was not his call on this case.

Do you expect the head umpire in baseball to be responsible for all the calls made by other members of his crew? Not likely. Hard to question balls & strikes from the 1st base side of the field. So how do you expect a football head official to make all the calls on the field or know if something 40 yards away is called correctly by a member of his crew for that ONE NIGHT?

I just love critics ?

He can't be serious at this point.

Is that right, eh? He's the most hated ref in the CFL. Up there with Bradbury. I mean if guys like you and CRASH are gonna cheer against the Ticats, try not to be so obvious about it.

The weird part is he’s a real nice guy off the field.