Andre Proulx named Grey Cup official

Sadly it looks like Hamilton will have to play against the officials again this week! How could they pick him after the terrible job he did in the East final game?

Probably because Jake Ireland and Paul Dojak aren't available. Anyone else get the feeling the league is pulling for cowtown? :oops:

We beat him once we can beat him again, after this now I Am Glad the Comish is leaving

Mike I feel the exact same way. This is a guy who has a reputation for being biased mostly against Hamilton yet the CFL picks him as the Grey Cup ref that Hamilton just happens to be playing in? Seems fishy to me. That favours Calgary and as much as I believe in the Ti-Cats, Calgary is a different beast than Montreal. Calgary is one of the best teams in the league, Montreal as decent but overrated and cocky in my view. Who knows maybe Proulx will surprise us all and call a fair game, but I have my doubts. I would hate to see Hamilton lose the Grey Cup because of bad officiating

Football Teams win games by strong efforts ,stategy ,discipline etc.
Cats showed all that last game and can bring it again Grey Cup Sunday!
Officials have yet to determine a game ,players do,Just look at Als # 89 last week ,TWO major penalties !!Was that Andre Proulx's fault....? Don't think so......

Was the fact Zach Collaros fumbled the ball before touching turf Andre's fault.........We wish it was.....But,Nope.(Reviewed by Jake)
Was the fact Montreals QB touched the turf before fumbling Andres fault? YES it is.....somehow( Also reviewed by CFL command center)

Yes ,we won because we executed the Great Hamilton coaches plays and game plans,played disciplined and HUNGRY!

Throw in great special teams blocking along with Speedy Beeee to complete last weeks Eastern Final Victory and pray for more of the same against the Red Horsemen .

Oskee Wee Wee
Oskee Waa Waa
Ti-Cats Ride Em RAW!

Not sure how in a league with 2 Semi Finals and 1 final you cant make sure that 3 officiating crews are capable. If Andre has what the league considers the best crew, then perhaps somebody else should have done the East Final.
The optics are terrible.

Andre Proulx is despised universally across the league. I don't know how he's able to make both teams in a game feel like the fix is in but that is his special gift.

Back up ref is Kim Murphy who officiated the West Final. I have to confess that I didn't watch that game as closely but I got the impression that it was a better-officiated game. One wonders why he didn't get the Grey Cup game(not that I've been very impressed with him either :roll: ) with Proulx as the back up. Even Drew remarked that he thought the EDF was NOT well-officiated and i suspect that Milton was have the same opinion. Hard to fathom how he was awarded the biggest game of the year.

That being said, the Ticats DID have fewer penalties than the Larks although there were certainly some missed calls (face masks in particular stood out to me). I don't think that Proulx is as much anti-Hamilton as he seems to be pro-Alouette, so I'm not sure it will have a negative impact IF the team plays a good, clean game and limits silly mistakes. Hard to say whether crowd noise will be a factor but it certainly WON'T be like last year!

The Commish has NOTHING to do with deciding the officiating crews for the game. That would come from Glenn Johnson, Head of Officiating.

As much of a joke as this bozo is the greater issue is the or "joke" is the command center... those morons can't even get the play right with replay, different angles slow motion hell even an interpretative danced couldn't make some of the blown challenges more obvious. Why even have it if the CFL can't get qualified intelligent people to work these positions. Never the less the Ticats overcame all this last week... despite all the missed calls and blown replays. Get your head out of your a** CFL time to retrain and clean house with the league officials.

It wouldn't be in his interest to call a biased game, especially when he will be in the spotlight in front of a nation. Let's just hope so anyway.

As of September 30th, Proulx had been involved in games with the least amount of penalties amongst the other head referee's in the league.


Al Bradbury: 11, 252, 22.9
Kim Murphy: 12, 270, 22.5
Dave Foxcroft: 11, 235, 21.4
Tom Vallesi: 11, 230, 20.9
Andre Proulx: 11, 223, 20.3

[url=] ... most-flags[/url]

I wonder if anyone has stats on the Cat's record in games ref'd by Proulx?

obscure... i know, but...

Drew Edwards had that stat last week. For the 2014 regular season they were 1-1.

1 - 1 in 2014 regular season. Add EDF then it's 2-1 in 2014. It was 2 - 2 in 2013.

So, 4 - 3 in the 7 games over the last two seasons that Proulx has officiated. 57.14%.

Seems reasonable for a team that overall is 22 & 18 over the last 40 games played in the last two seasons. 55%.

I completely agree the command center was god awful, they got the most obvious calls wrong WITH instant replay! It was terrible, but the officials weren't any better. I could go on all day, Breaux getting that pathetic PI call, Norwood barely hits Compton he gets a roughing the passer penalty, Banks' 1 TD getting taken away on a phantom holding call, the one Ti-Cat player getting unnecessary roughness for literally not touching any Als player, all the missed (or ignored) horse collar tackles and hits to the head Montreal got away with when there was an official right there looking at every single one. That's just bad. The control center and the officials deserve the same amount of criticism as they were equally horrible. Since the CFL is okay with rewarding the refs' despite how bad they were I hope the control center isn't the same

Okay first of all Collaros was down by contact before he lost the ball imo that looked pretty obvious. But you're right that was the control center. Second of all, yes Andre made some AWFUL calls. Let's see, taking away Banks' 1 TD on a phantom holding call that didn't happen, was that Andre's doing? Yes! He was the one that made that call. Not the control center.

Was it Andre who made a terrible unnecessary roughness penalty call on Hamilton that cost them great field position? Yes it was. Again that was him, not the control center.

Wasn't Andre also the one who made the bad call on Norwood for roughing the passer when he lightly touched him? Yes it was. And that call led to a Montreal touchdown too.

Didn't Andre miss an obvious false start on Montreal on the play where they scored their first TD? Yep! Oh yeah, and didn't he miss (or ignored) multiple horse collar tackles and hits to the head by Montreal? Yeah it was.

So stop acting like we're blaming Andre for everything, we're not. I know I called out the control center for their terrible calls too, and so did Bruce.

Bottom line is you can't blame the control center for those terrible penalties and obvious missed calls by Andre. Those are on him. The guy has a reputation for bias, in particular for favouring Montreal, and he handed Montreal 14 points on a silver platter thanks to a couple of his awful calls, while taking away points from Hamilton too. Sorry but that's just being a bad ref. It's that simple. And I feel like the CFL and head of officials don't care that he did such a horrible job in the EDF which scares me.

Hamilton has the talent and character to overcome playing against the league as we just saw, but Calgary is 10x the team Montreal was. If they get handed the gifts from Andre Montreal did, they are more likely to take advantage of it. I think in a fair game with the officials staying out of the way, I think Hamilton would have a very good chance at winning. But with biased officials against them, that concerns me. We'll see what happens. If Banks can be the X factor again, the Ti-Cats have got a great chance at it. I really hope I'm wrong and both the officials and control center get their shit together, make the right calls and not have any bias. But I'm skeptical. That's just my 2 cents anyway

Nonetheless, go Ti-Cats!

I do have to laugh at the paranoia of some fellow Ti-Cats fans.

  • Zach's fumble WAS a fumble, the holding on Banks first return WAS holding. The player guilty of the hold Neil King even went over to talk to Banks after being called for the infraction. We also got the benefit of a couple of iffy calls against Montreal - such as the roughing penalty on a perfectly legal tackle of Collaros to move the ball inside the five the play before Grigsby's first touchdown - but of course they were not iffy to the fans who complain about every call against the Cats. lol

The bottom line is all CFL head refs with their respective crews have been horrible and flag happy this year.

@TCG94 - out of all the plays you mentioned, Proulx actually was only involved in Norwood's RTP penalty; which was very marginal. That being said, he called a very marginal penalty on a Montreal player for roughing Zach as well, so one can say that he is protective of QBs. All the other penalties and missed calls were by his crew, including THREE MISSED FACEMASKS IN A ROW on Banks in front of the same official.

I don't watch the NFL often, but when I do... the officiating is excellent.
Millions of dollars at stake might have something to do with that.
Check yourself or wreck yourself CFL.