Andre Proulx Missing?

I don’t recall seeing Andre Proulx officiating this week-end. Did I just miss that game, or was he not working? Maybe officials take a bye week as well as the teams? It would be just our luck to have him on our bye schedule, and, to see him Friday night.

Not that I’m saying he is not a competent official, but I find his games seem to be flag-fests and frequent referee huddles. Has a way of slowing the pace and tempo of the game. And Friday’s game could be a crackerjack.

Not a good sign when I have fallen to noticing the working schedule of game officials, eh?:slight_smile:

Just saying. Maybe he took a week off to check out the Yukon to contemplate his future and he will come back on our bye week, better than he has ever been. ;D

If heismissing, could we not just leave it that way? ::slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I think the true answer to the question lies in the fact that, almost always, 4 games are played each week and the CFL Officials List includes 7 referees.

Al Bradbury’s crew threw an astonishing 28 flags in the loss against Montreal. He had more TSN screen time than Masoli. Proulx has been bagged on quite a bit but I doubt he is that much worse than the rest of the refs.

No idea that the league had that many referees. Don’t recall Clarke Murray, but the others are all familiar. So with 7 refs and 18 games we should expect to see any given guy about 3 times a season? Although they are maybe assigned geographically, like distance to their home as well?

I have to agree with Krisiun on Bradbury. I was told once that the CFL does not use set crews game to game, so it must be the way the crews are instructed by the head referee, and Proulx and Bradbury draw a tight line? I remember the home opener and number 103, a side judge, was just on a fun with flags tear.

A few years ago Murray Clarke must have been a head referee because I remember him announcing the penalties. However in the last few years the camera shows him on the field but not as the head referee.

Maybe he is now a side judge or something while simultaneousy being the backup head referee?

Recall the same thing. Its like he was given a shot and didn’t make it/didn’t want it, etc. But he was definitely a head official for a period.

They must be assigned geographically, I feel like Proulx and Bradbury are all we see at home.