Andre Proulx for Prime Minister

His campaign slogan can read.... Proulx is a tool... or has the tools... or.... hmmmm. What a joke call. Once again Andre Proulx has blown the call on a brutal play.

Go Riders!!

What play are you talking about?

I am just whining about the ejections.... I am only listening on the radio so who knows, maybe it was a great call, but it sounded pretty lame!! =)

Go Riders!!

Can't take what Homer and Homer say for serious, Doc...I won't argue the ejections, and there are a few players who need to keep their mouths shut on the field...

Why does everyone always blame the head ref for every bad call?(I am not saying it was in this case)
For example. Posters will blame the head ref for a PI call 40 yards down field. You(posters) do realise that the head ref is in the back field and basically only calls holding and Roughing the passer?
Every ref threw a flag on that play and each ejection is decided by the ref who threw it. Not the head ref.

This is the first season in about 5 years that I have listened to the games on the radio and I will have to agree. I used to think Carteri was a great announcer, but he doesn't even know the rules a lot of the time. It is kinda crazy. I still find they are the less bias than other announcers I have listened to (i.e. Calgary, BC and Hamilton). But yes, I realized I was a little quick on the draw when I started this thread. It actually sounds a lot like the BC game only this time it was the Riders defending their QB..... in the Riders' defense, in this case the play was over, not a live ball fumble situation.

Go Riders!!

Yes but when the whislte stop

I don't know why the Riders were jawing at the officials, the initial calls gave them 5 yards after the scrum and no ejections.

They missed an ejection - or at least penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct on the guy who started it all - the QB, Joseph, should have been penalized because he threw the first punch - Like Rambo (Stallone) says in the movie - they drew first blood.

Doesn't anyone see the common thread here in both skirmishes? The green team was involved ... doesn't that raise some questions?