Andre Dawson is a @#$#

Yup, I have absolutely no respect left for him. What a #$#$$

I saw that today. Curious he would make a big deal out of it this many years later. It looks like he might not get his wish as there is a rule against it since Wade Boggs apparently accepted money to go in the HOF with a Tampa cap even though he only played there two years.

I see it as a tempest in a teapot. If he earned a spot in the Hall, let him pick any team he played for. What difference does it make?

The rule was in place when he went in

Yes I’m aware of that. Came in circa 2003 as a result of the Boggs shenanigans I referred to.

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2001 and it was alleged that he received money

He is spitting on the Expos and their fans! He played most of his career in Montreal, and was developed by the Expos.
Why does it bother him so much that he is wearing an Expos cap? He is a prick!

Also, the Expos retired his number 10. They should UNRETIRE it. Have a ceremony and everything.

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And he claims his best years were with another team. I don’t see how forcing him to be immortalized in a way he doesn’t want changes his feelings on the matter. It’s his likeness, and MLB/the Hall of Fame are using it. For profir, no less. Why shouldn’t he have a say in how his likeness is used or portrayed?

My guess is that it is because it is a defunct team

See previous

Any other sports player share a retired number with a teammate?

Are you saying players should be compensated?

I agree there

Never really thought about it in the case of an HoF setting. I could easily come up with a case for either side.

I raised the point simply because it’s true… the HoF is a moneymaking venture. If they are going to use a person’s likeness to contribute to said profit, then I believe that person should have some say in the matter.

I see parallels between this and the recent actors’ stand on AI. Not a direct comparison, perhaps, but parallels.

Sorry to be vague, but on the issue of compensation that you asked about, I’m on the fence.

Say as to what team they go in under I agree 100% But I don’t feel they should be compensated

That sounds reasonable

I just wrote to the Baseball HOF, suggesting they tell Dawson to stuff it!

Dawson was always jealous of Gary Carter, because Carter was loved much more by the fans.
If Carter were still alive, he would never do something like this.

You don’t have to…the rules say he gets no say

Carter wanted to go in as a Met…the hall of fame told him to stuff it…

Maybe Carter enjoyed his time with the Expos more than Dawson did.

But let’s turn this around for a second. If Carter was put into the Hall as a NY Met, and asked to be changed to an Expo, would you have a problem with that? It goes both ways.

Perhaps he should go the Greg Maddux route… no team affiliation

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I did not know this.
@Johnny_Ticat_slayer does this change your opinion of Carter?

Tim Raines was the only one who wanted to go in as an Expo