Could Anderson's days with the Als be all but done? Not sure if anyone else has eard of such rumblings but according to a local media outlet (tsn990 formerly Team990) there are some internal issues on going between Als and Anderson.

I think that this is the type of player with whom there will always be problems. For that matter, there was the Watkins/Deriveaux thing recently. Did that delay his return? For a team to win games and play like champions, there can be no major distractions. Players who have "issues" are not assets to a team, but liabilities.

It's tough for the coaching staff and team management to deal with these things at times, but they must be dealt with. Football, like other team sports, depends on twelve guys all pulling in the same direction. When players start acting like "clubhouse lawyers", prima donnas, troublemakers...the team has to deal with that player. Anderson has done some good things for us, but if he is a problem child he either has to man up and be professional or he has to go.

I wrote about it a week ago; he will not be back.


Darren Gilll , who is Anderson`s agent, on his Wed. TSN 990 segment, said that Anderson was not sent home as reported, he is still in Mtl., his kids are in school here.

Gill said his placement on the 9-game is injury related, but also due to the Als salary cap issues. When asked, he said he does not expect Anderson to return this season. Those 2 things kind of contradict each other.

Anderson is who he is, Trestman had a year to evaluate him as a player and teammate, and he will probably make the decision as to Anderson`s return.

Dont forget Estelle suffered a serious knee injury and his future is in doubt. He certainly wont be ready to start 2012.

sorry Richard, missed that one.

I am in agreement with Richard re Anderson will not be back with the team either.

That is exactly why Coach does not want to get in to these conversations. No matter what you say, it won't help. Gill also mentionned in the interview that Ken Miller is not coming back and then said he was good friends with Brendan Taman... Miller has not announced his decision. Very surprised Gill as an agent is so talkative.

It is too bad about Anderson but Coach had a convo with him when he joined the club and it was well explained what the rules were. That's why it is always best to take care of your own FA instead of shopping other teams. Would much rather have our Olinesmen extended than spending money on a merc.

By the way those who want to listen to the show Als this week and other TSN radio football coverage. You can download Itune and subscribe to the free podcast via the store. and download the football stuff. I recommend both TSN990 for the als show and the Toronto station has a half a dozen to ten good interviews a week. Last week they had a really nice interview with AC.

Other podcast you may be interested in

The Ticat Show with Rick Zamperin and DannyMac
The Stamps show.
The Paul Lapolice Show
The Doug Brown Show

And if you have a high tolerance for the most annoying radio voice ever there is Rouge Radio.

Nice burn. :stuck_out_tongue:

I stumbled upon The 3rd and Long Show podcast while browsing iTunes 3 weeks ago....interesting take on CFL also.

As for Anderson, we'll I think we saw the last of him, since his option year next year...I smell a cut this winter & some $ savings....

als better win tomorrow HfxTC because i just saw the halcon schedule. Nicholas is doing autographs and photos between 2-4 PM sunday so I'm gonna have to miss the east semi. Don't mind if it's bombers-ticats, then i can enjoy myself. :slight_smile:

go als!!! one more is all we need. one more. :cowboy:

Je n'ai pas compris ce qu'Anderson a réellement fait de mal, mais si son absence s'explique par sa seule blessure, d'où viennent les rumeurs de problème de comportement à Montréal?

Une chose est certaine, si Anderson croit qu'il peut ne pas suivre les règles imposées par les entraîneurs et l'équipe, il ne restera pas. La bonne nouvelle est que Seth Williams est três prometteur.

Ça peut être une bonne chose que de recruter chez les autres équipes de temps en temps. Keron Williams avait été une belle acquisition. Lorsqu'il s'agit de bâtir une équipe, il ne faut pas être trop dogmatique.

I had to go and jinx it. Dummy me. :cry:

Check out the facebook page of Hal-Con , some cool news on swag and stuff... :frowning: :expressionless: :slight_smile: Thanx.