really pumped we let the guy walk last year. he had a great game, and if you didnt notice he got along with all his team mates.

Guy was good player on bad team.
I can't blame him for Having a little fun at our Expense.

Ted Michaels, on The Fifth Quarter call in radio show,
was all bent out if shape by Dwight Anderson's behavior.

What did he say or do?

Anderson was taunting, showboating vs. fans on lower south side.
Basically acting like a jackass. Acting just like a jackass when he was here.

Who says "we let him walk" he was suspended and that's the last definitive thing stated on the matter. For all anyone knows he may have decided not to come back here.

With the secondary leading league in picks and getting more confident every game who misses him and his antics? I dont.

Immature, boorish behaviour, attacked a ref and was fined two weeks ago....

I know its fun and fashionable to dump on the Cats these days but there are some instances when self-respect and respect for your city and the team you supposedly support are necessary and yes, you can blame Anderson.

me either

check out the punch he took at Rodriguez at the 7:52 mark of the 1st quarter and then tell me how great a game he had.
Cheap , classless and immature.
Time to let go and move on like an adult Anderson.

He was taunting fans on the north side between plays occasionally as well.

What has self-respect got us 3 win .
I take a Winning football that showboats a Bit over Losing .

8) Yes, Anderson was taunting and showboating to the fans on the south side box seats, but he was also being encouraged and abused by a group of fans in that section also. Still no excuse for his behaviour, that carried on for almost the whole game !!!
 Apparently, according to Ted Micheals, Anderson was also using a lot of profanities to some fans on the north side of the stadium  !!  Anderson apparently appologised to those fans at the end of the game for his profanities  !!!         <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

 Had Anderson just ignored the taunting, it probably would have stopped, but he certainly did his best to encourage and prolong it throughout the game  !!!!!

 Not very professional at all  !!!

well i didnt see him take a punch at anyone so if you have a clip of it ill take a look. But whats wrong with taunting some of the fans? maby he read what people were saying about him last year... he is a fun player and thats what he does he talks alot but you cant say he hassnt been doing a good job backing it up.

how is this not professional? he was getting under the skin of hamilton fans, whats wrong with that. he shouldnt of been swearing but come on even the ticats swear at there own fans sometimes.

There's no question that Anderson had only one thing on his mind last night and that was to rub our faces in the fact that he is on a winning team this year .
Every play made on defence he would mouth off to the fans, to the bench and to the players on the field.

Just play the game like an adult.

BTW Anderson, 2005 called , they would like their hair extensions back.

I'd show you the clip but you have to come over to watch it.
It's on the PVR.
Very cheap , and unprofessional.(not the PVR...Anderson) :oops:


Anderson is a tool.

If everyone had just been watching the game instead of watching Anderson, he would have been yelling to no one and thus, would've looked like an idiot. if you let him know he's getting to you, he'll keep it up all night, making you look like an idiot.

Its just entertainment. i am sure the fans enjoyed taunting him and he enjoyed it back. not a big deal and fun for all.

I agree.

Besides i didn't notice anyone here complaining about Anderson's antics while he was a Ti-Cat.

Attending as many away games for the Cats as I can, I saw these same antics by him in other CFL cities directed at the home teams fans.

Jan...if you didn't weren't watching. Several current Cat fans wanted that guy gone from the start. He was a distraction. People were complaining about his and other players alike.

Ergo...he isn't here.

fans might of been complaining about him but what players were?