I missed what happened to Dwight Anderson. Is he off the team now?

He was sent home by the team for "personal issues".

Rumour has it he was sent home to work on his anger management issues after he went head to head with Coach Taaffe following two unnecessary roughness penalties in a matter of two or three plays. That was in the home game against the Riders.

I would like to see him back next year, but I doubt he will be.


This was some speculation from some of the posters on here.

I wouldn't go so far as to call it rumour, as innuendo.

Maybe they just sent him home because they don't want him here after his poor play and tirade against Taaffe and the fans.

or maby they sent him home because they wanted to look at the other DB's and they knew he wouldnt get anymore time this year. Anderson will be back next year count on it.

Anderson, Bradley and Tay will be a force next year. we just need to get a saftey and decide on another cb.

I do hope you are correct. After all I placed a bid on his jersey minutes before I read he was sent home. And no one out bid me.

Man, when you go toe to toe with your head coach I don't like your chances of playing for him again. It's not like he's a perennial all-star.

An Argo-Cat fan

did you see the replays of there toe to toe "fight" it was barley anything and anderson had every right to be pissed he got flaged for 15 yards for nothing.

Makaveli I agree with you 100%....

Dammit I wanted that jersey…lol. I was too ticked off to bid on it though.

I hope he’s back next year.

Hey BG, I'll wear it on our next trip to Tim's. :wink:

If he was still hear and i would of bought it. Hes my Girlfriends favourate player. i was just pissed that she wouldnt be able to go on the field and get it from him so i didnt even bother.

I wouldn't if I were you. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that a threat or a promise?

Just a friendly

Wheres Boreham know? Hmmmm Oh yah he was kicked out of town! Seta is the man now! I am with the times girl!

Wow this really has a lot to do with the Anderson topic. :roll:

Where is Boreham?? He's in 2nd place and in the playoffs so I'm sure he's really broken up about the fact that he was "kicked out of town".

Try again. :wink:

A player has every right to yell in protest at his coach. Conversely, it is the coach's right to send the player packing. I didn't see the incident in question, however, if Anderson raised a hand to his coach, he should be gone.
It doesn't matter that Anderson was right, either, players can Not fight with coaches.

Too bad because Anderson still has a lot of untapped talent but allowing him to play again, could set a precedent. Just my opinion.

I haven't checked punting averages lately. But, Setta has been kicking the ball too high all season resulting in penalties for infingement on the "5 yards rule". Practically 50% of the time it seems some games. That puts his punting average at 15 yards less for those punts, than the acutal punt in my mind. Don't remember Boreham doing that as much.

haven't really been a big fan of anderson since he joined.... but have noticed alot of people hop on the band wagon after that interception to win the game

Umm... After 3 players were ejected from the game, an the VERY NEXT PLAY this wunderkind decided to drop his shoulder into a player after the play was whistled dead.

That was one of the stupidest things I've seen a player do. you HAD to know that the ref's were going to flag anybody that even came CLOSE to giving a late hit.