Anderson Cut for Slow Start

According to Marcel...Thyron Anderson was cut for Slow Start.
Why does he only seem to have patience when it comes to Jason Maas???
Yet another veteran 1,000 yard receiver is cut. He was only thrown to 3 times in Montreal(his first game with a new system) and I'm not sure how many throws he got in BC. With Marcel's logic, he would cut Geroy Simon. Let's have some patience. I don't think any receiver can get a fair assessment with Jason Maas throwing to him.

How does Anderson getting cut turn into another Maas-bashing thread - IN THE FIRST POST?

3 passes to Anderson, 1 completion, 2 dropped balls. Never comes back to the QB when he's in trouble. Lazy pass routes. Waste of money and roster space.

And that was always his reputation in Montreal as well. Not surprised he was on a short leash.

If that was his reputation in Montreal, why did we trade for him? Marcel should have had an inside track on that. Also, how did he manage a 1,000 season as did Kwame Kavil another cat cut this year?

AGAIN, we traded for him as a crap shoot. We were going to CUT Tad and they were going to CUT Anderson so we figured we'd give it a shot. No harm done since in essence we got something for nothing.

Feel better?

As for Cavil, he didn't do anything in camp. There is a reason why nobody else picked him up.

Yes, I feel better now dr. I didn't like Tad anyway. I just think Thyron should have gotten a longer look. Other than Jesse, what other receivers played better than him in BC? Maas didn't attempt many passes. I think Nate Curry showed alot in camp and an ability to fight for the ball in game situations, but he'll probably be the next to go.


You're right Ralph did make more catches. But he get's the ball thrown to him more than anyone else. He also seems to be the one most fans on this site want cut, which I don't think is fair.

Glad I could help. :wink:

I agree with you about Curry. I actually thought Alston looked great in camp too so I was a little disappointed to see him go, but looking good in camp is really only a foot in the door, I guess. I hope Curry shows us what we saw in camp because if he doesn't, you're probably right about him being one of the next ones to go.

So nice to see you can take a joke and not respond like some others. Aren't we all ticat fans wnating the team to win? The way some reply to posts, it seems like labour day rivals. That aside, I think they should give Curry some more looks.
Also, Holmes should get more screens out of the backfield. It would also open up more room for Jesse.

Maybe Ralph is were he is supposed to be on his routes?

that's priceless Sig. Is that a shot at the OC QB or both? Love the ambiguity. The blind ranters will obviously try to run with their biased views in either case. Absolutely priceless ROTFL

Don't go there Sigpig.
If Maas had been able to get the ball to all the receivers who have been wide open this season we would have a few more touchdowns and maybe a win to show for it.

I think it's more that Ralph always seems to be Jason's first option.

Hooked 'em Sig.

I would have liked to see Anderson stick around another week or two. Curry seems to be a non factor right now although he does have some potential. I think the hard part for him being a rookie in this league is playing the SB position. I would have liked to seen Anderson given a shot there and move Curry back outside where I think he's most effective or maybe sit him a game or two and give him a different view of what is happening on the field. I think McCants gets the call this week but hopefully we get to see some of what Bauman has to offer soon.

I think we're just playing mind games with Saskatchewan by continually trading for their players and then releasing them or refusing to play them.

Don't underestimate the psychological aspects of the game.

I didn't think of that angle.