Anderson and French Released or Moved to Reserve List?

Here is a posting from the transactions section:

"Name: 2007-06-27: Tiger-Cats Transactions:
Tiger-Cats Transactions

ROSTER 27-Jun-07

HAM DEL IMP Thyron ANDERSON (WR) Grambling State

HAM DEL NIP Jason FRENCH (WR) Murray State"

This posting indicates that Anderson and French have been deleted but it does not indicate whether they have designated as reserves on the 46 player active roster. Does this mean that they have already been released outright? Or have they simply been deleted from the 42 player roster but are among the four reserves on the 46 player roster?

They'll be added to Practice Roster
The Just had their Physicals Yesterday
It will take Them a Week to Get use the the Offence.
They Should be ready for Toronto Next Week

they probly arent ready to play on saturday so theres no point of dressing them. they will probly be put on developmental roster so no one can just take dem

this is obviously why hamilton left 2 practice roster spots open. so we now have 4 wr/sb on the practice roster out of only 7 total guys? we really really have depth at receiver now. if anyone slacks off there are many to replace them. hopefully this means the first set of starting receivers will really give it their all. curry really showed he can.

According to Ken Welch on his CHtv sportscasts at 6:45 p.m. and 11:20 p.m. tonight, offensive lineman Jordan Rempel is on the developmental roster. He is not listed on the developmental roster on the website. If Welch is correct, then there are actually 6 players on the 7 player developmental roster. Therefore, one player would need to be released from the developmental roster before Thyron Anderson and Jason French can both be added to it.

I believe a team can have 7 players
on the development roster, right now,
but no more than 5 can be imports,