And you thought things couldn't get worse for the Esk's

i think i would rather go into the season with a rookie then Wes Cates sambo

KristjanCFL and I just told you who the starter will be... :expressionless:

Oh would you now? Then ask your coaches to cut Roberts and go with a rookie-- and tell me how far you get with that, mfl.

So when did you two become assistant coaches?

You don't need to be an assistant coach to know Anderson is the presumptive starter.

I like the esks and Ricky Ray but with Machoke-a calling the plays i think u guys are sitting pretty good for the number one pick in the Canadian Draft next year

How does Macochia (sp?) keep his job? Does he have some pictures of Hugh Campbell in compromising positions with (use your imagination here)?

I feel bad for you Eskie fans, but on the other hand, I am glad about your mess. It makes it easier for all the other teams to put one in the W column.

Worry about your own team making the playoffs and stop pretending you haven't heard that Rider fans are confident and stand behind the Riders with or without certain individuals(Austin, Joseph, Hunt, Perry).

As for Ma-chipmunk making the calls, I think we all win.