And You Thought CFL Refs were biased?

At least our QBs don't have to game plan for the official deciding to actually play a little defense for the other team...

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LMAO...sure looked intentional to me.

Holy siite, does look a bit intentional. What was this guy thinking?

That was intentional there is no doubt in my mind of that.I hope that offical got fired for it.

ha ha - looks like somebody forgot he isn't playing...

I think this poor umpire is confused about run plays v.s. pass plays. on a pass play you're supposed to step up (i.e. as soon as you read the guards starting to pass block instead of run block). The reason is so that you don't get smoked by the receiver coming across the middle trying to use you as a pylon.

There are a few things going on in this play. Notice the blockers to the umpire's left. He can hear them but he's supposed to be watching the blocking ahead of the ball carrier so he doesn't know if he's getting clobbered or what. His last step is away from the ball carrier which makes me think it probably wasn't intentional. it seems weird but you'll have to take my word on it that sometimes moving toward the ball carrier is the best way to avoid getting hit yourself. this would have been one of those times had the umpire been a little further to his left - everything in you is screaming at you to run away so it's not a common-sense thing to do but it gets the ball carrier past you more quickly and gets you out from between the ball carrier and potential tacklers.

really dumb though? yup. really dumb. he was putting himself right in harm's way.

Watching some of the games this year, the refs are inconsistent with how they call pass interference, some games a lot are called, other games they let stuff go. I don't see much difference with the refs on this call between the CFL and NFL.