And you think it was bad in Hamilton

With all of this debate as to where the PanAm stadium should go. We get this from New Delhi. These games should have been awarded to Hamilton in the first place.

Footbridge collapses near Commonwealth stadium
New Delhi accident injures at least 27
Last Updated: Tuesday, September 21, 2010 | 9:30 AM ET
CBC News
Workers gather at the collapsed bridge near Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi.Workers gather at the collapsed bridge near Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi. (Anupam Nath/Associated Press)

A footbridge under construction near the Commonwealth Games main stadium in New Delhi collapsed Tuesday, injuring at least 27 people — four of them critically, police said.

The suspension bridge was being built over a highway to connect a parking lot with the main Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium ahead of the Games, scheduled Oct. 3-14.

CBC’s Adrienne Arsenault spoke to a number of people who witnessed the collapse.

“They say around 3 p.m. local time, the bridge seemed to dip or spasm a bit. They ran away, and then the whole thing collapsed in the middle.”

Severe delays in the completion of the athletes village have thrown the sporting event into jeopardy.

Advance parties from Canada, Scotland, Ireland and New Zealand have complained about construction debris littering residential quarters for athletes.

“Within two days, the athletes village is supposed to be opened to some of the athletes, and yet it is being described today as unlivable,” Arsensault said. “The Canadian advance team is supposed to be staying at the village and now is, in fact, staying at a hotel.”

Labourers have yet to leave the village, preventing a full security sweep, which was supposed to be conducted a month ago.

The New Zealand delegation said Tuesday the village won’t be ready for its official opening this week.

New Zealand team manager Dave Currie told radio network NewstalkZB that New Delhi organizers “are in severe difficulties,” identifying problems with cleanliness, plumbing, electrical wiring, internet access and mobile phone coverage.

Commonwealth Games Canada said it would be releasing a statement later Tuesday on the state of the facilities.
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Yikes. There's a good lesson here about how much of an international embarrassment bungling up events like this can be.

but at least they knew where they wanted to build it.

Oh that's ok then. Let's cancel it all and impact all the athletes and countries who attend and it's ok becuase they knew where they WANTED to build it.

The New Delhi site had several strikes against it when the "Games People" elected to go with it.

It was a surprise to most of the world when they made that selection and remains a surprise to this day.

One of the bigger strikes against the location was the polluted, hot, humid air at this time of the year
in that area. This will make for tough sledding for the athletes.

Disasters are common in countries like India due to over population and illiteracy. I don't say this to
put a knock on their country which I'm sure has much beauty as well. Its simply a fact of life in countries
like this one.

Lets hope they pull off these games with no more disasters.

Very unfortunate for everyone involved.

Yes, corruption was obvious and the fix was in when New Delhi was chosen over Hamilton.

  • the poor of India make Canada's poor look middle class... billions of dollars poured into the Games should have gone to improving the life of it's citizens

  • the bad pollution and hot, humid weather for competing athletes, as mentioned above

  • the unstable, violent nature of the area... internal civil unrest and constant clashes with neighbouring Pakistan (threats of violence from various groups coming to the fore)

  • rampant corruption and poor construction techniques

India was "chosen" (pre-selected) by many third world delegates before presentations were even officially made in order to give a "developing" nation a major sporting event.

India had numerous errors and misinformation in it's "official" submission (ie, 2.7 million? Ooops, that should be 27 million), as the original lowball cost of $200 mil has suddenly ballooned to $2 billion.

IIRC, up to 3 major revisions were allowed or permitted to the "official/final" bid book by the Commonwealth Group but India made 5 (or more), the latest and most egregious being in the dying minutes of it's presentation when it bribed CWG voting members with 6 figure amounts to cover transportation and accommodation to the Games for delegates, family and friends.

The embarrassment looks good on everyone involved in the CWG debacle but per usual, the "guilty" will slink away, deny responsibility and go on to their next show of incompetence.

It hurts to think of what could have been had Hamilton received the CWGames...

(Canadian bureaucrats and Halifax screwed up the next CWGames bid for Hamilton)

I find it incredible that ya all crying about not getting the cw games when you will be lucky to keep much of the PA games. Given your stadium issues, how would you be ready to the cw games??

Costs for the CWG was much more fully funded (hundreds of millions) by upper levels of government and it would have been a "Hamilton" event.

The PanAm Games is centered in and considered the "Toronto" Games with surrounding areas getting some of the "crumbs".

Even with Hamilton being awarded a major facility like the stadium, Toronto is still receiving a disproportionate amount of total funding being offered with the stadium (at only 15,000 when 25,000 is needed for after the Games) being underfunded (tens of millions).

Plus... the mistake was letting the politicians get involved instead of intelligent sports and business people :roll:


Indeed. Considering the fiasco of building one 25,000 seat stadium how in the world would Hamilton City Council be able to organize and conduct the Common Wealth Games?

I wonder how long it will be until someone makes some ill informed comment on how this would have happened in Hamilton if they tried to build it at x site.

There are reports out now that Canada may pull it's team out of the CWG this year. This should have been Hamilton or Halifax's games but the selection comittee was actually quite open about all the bribes they took from India because there were no rules forbidding it at the time. If you're going be corrupt in getting the games, it stands to reason every other part of the organization will be corrupt/incompetent as well. Too bad, I have family in Dehli and they were looking forward to the it's a national embarassment

Will the Games in Delhi go ahead

Does this look ready to you? Chaos in run-up to Commonwealth Games

A collapsed bridge, rooms 'unfit for habitation' and now top athletes pulling out.

Jason Burke in Delhi

The Guardian, Wednesday 22 September 2010

[url=] ... ds-newsxml[/url]

Sports AP News Sep 21, 2010

Withdrawals Add To Commonwealth Games Troubles

[url=] ... 24702.html[/url]

Thanks for the Daily Mail piece , Ron. It sheds much light on an even more impending disaster.

I bet you feel good getting that thought "out there," hammer.

IMO, it's unlikely anyone else here would formed such a thought.

So the question for the day is "Who wants to be a Millionaire"

Delhi officials also made a last-minute offer of $129,000 to each Commonwealth Games association of the 72 Commonwealth members. The money was to be allocated for athlete training.

"We certainly questioned whether the money they had put on the table at the end was within the bidding rules,'' Pike said. "However the Commonwealth Games Federation at the time ruled that it was within the rules and off it went.''

In a lot of these countries, they move dirt in wicker baskets carried on the heads of the workers. Even a foot bridge would be a major undertaking.

In addition to the collapsed bridge disaster, the roof of the weight lifting venue has caved in. This time,
there were no deaths or injuries, but all of this combined with uninhabitable athlete's quarters should prompt
an immediate stoppage to these games.

How pathetic is this?!