And What do you think about the Jason Maas Trade?

And What do you think about the Jason Maas Trade?

I think it was strange, why do we need another FB? but...I have faith in the upper management of the organization and believe they have a plan to expand on this deal.

Relief. It had to be done to fully install Casey as the man. It brings SMS relief and opens up possibilities re an additional FB trade with picks, etc. for needed reinforcements in our roster's weak spots (especially OT, DE, and in our secondary).

Oski Wee Wee,

Trade good

Salary dump for the Cats. I don't really think they care who they got back from the Als.

An Argo-Cat fan

I'm surprised that they didn't try to send him back to Edmonton :?

Maybe it was intention, not sending him back to Alberta. Montreal needed a QB, we got a talented Canadian that should invoke a trade, and there's no issues in the locker room.

He's gone and he had to go Casey or no Casey. No offence to Maas but he wasn't getting it done period.

Great trade. Dump the salry get a canadian. Exactly the right way to do business in the CFL.

You wont be saying that when we are playing Montreal and Maas is successful against us !!!!

Yes I will. I hope jasson does well in Montreal. He didn't play well here and was very inconsistent. The trade is a win win for both parties. We couldn;t sit and wait any longer for Maas. Maybe this was never a good fit for him so we're both better off. I have no ill feelings towards him norr do I hate him. I do however think he had a horrible season and half here.

Yes, you are right, there was no offence with Maas. I don't want to hurt Maas's feelings though.

Sorry I have to disagree with this. The trade was yet another garbage deal done but our GM. While he has made some very good free agent signings his deals have been complete and utter garbage.

Yes we needed to dump Maas but all he had to do is wait a week. Montreal would be more desperate for a QB and we would have got a better return.

Our GM should have got an oline, dline or secondary player in return.

Sorry but the more time goes on the less I like our GM...

He continues to completely drop the ball on the trade front.