...and Tim Burke is not


The Winnipeg Football Club announces today that Tim Burke will not return as Head Coach in 2014.

“We thank Tim for his passion, hard work and professionalism throughout the past year and a half he has been in this role, and for his tireless efforts over the past three seasons with the Winnipeg Football Club,? says President and CEO Wade Miller. “If an opportunity does arise for him to join our staff as a defensive coordinator, our organization would definitely be open to exploring this with Tim.?

Only surprise here is that it was announced before an official GM was announced.

Tomorrow is the day that the CFL pre-Grey Cup news blackout kicks in. So they either had to do it today or wait until after the Cup.

Doug Brown's reaction:


Miller sure moves a lot faster in the front office than he did on the field. #ThatDidntTakeLong

......So the inevitable has taken place....Will Tim remain with the team as dc is the next question...Sounds like Miller is open to that BUT is Burke....A new coach could want his own guy....If it's Kahari in Regina , Jones in T.O., or maybe Thorpe in Mont...scratch DD in Cal. he's staying put according to a media report today....I'm pretty sure all of them wouldn't mind having Burke as their dc....The hunt for head coach is definitely on in earnest now...I hope they look at all applicants carefully :wink: AND definitely Miller is a mover...no grass growing under that guys feet.. :wink:

.... the spelling of Khari....is just that...sorry to the Joneses :oops:

......sooooo here's some more speculation on my part ....I believe it will be Khari Jones as head coach...Burke would be a great help IF he stayed...Creehan could remain as linebackers coach....Dickenson will stay on as special teams co-ordinator (they may both leave if their buddy Burke leaves) I think the o line coach may be replaced....Miller will go after Collaros and get his man BUT also bring in another qb. candidate (haven't a clue who) and Max Hall will return....Having Khari as head coach and with his experience being a seasoned qb. in the league will be just what Collaros AND Hall would need to further their careers here...Lots of BIG decisions on the horizon and maybe it won't get anyway near what I've suggested BUT it's all possible :wink:

....Millers press conference today 'suggests' Burke is open to staying on and could remain as dc. :thup: Tim says he would like to talk to the new head coach first...I think Tim and Khari will get along just fine :thup: :thup:

To Fred C Dobbs:

I could be wrong but I do feel that the Pre-Grey Cup news blackout does not begin on the week before the Grey Cup,but the week of the Grey Cup.


We had a discussion about this on MorningBigBlue and nobody could find any definitive information on it. So I tweeted Darren Cameron, the Director of Communications and Media Relations for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, and he replied:

It begins next Thursday (14th) and runs until the end of Grey Cup week. The league, understandbly, wants the focus on playoffs.

Smart move by Miller. This way Anyone who might be interested in the GM position knows they are starting with a blank piece of paper. Doing it now makes it easy for him to talk to anyone he wants during Grey Cup week. Also looks like he's looking outside to hire his GM.

Actually it just makes it a bit more confusing as to why they waited so long and said that CFL rules prohibit them from making any moves, at least to make it official Miller was having the interim tag removed. Regardless, the inevitable has begun finally.

Judging by Miller's comments today, they may very well be looking to talk to a candidate or two for the GM job currently employed with one of the still remaining playoff teams. If they don't get their man then Walters gets the head job by default. The only way the rumor that Khari Jones will be the next HC is if it's assured Walters becomes the acting full time GM or they already have a new GM but cannot announce it yet. But that doesn't seem likely since Miller said he'll be conducting a thorough search for a GM.

Honestly, at this point I would be doing what Ottawa is doing. Going through a long drawn out interview process with each potential coach who is interested. I think promoting from within the organization is a bad idea.

I think you also need to turf Creehan, but that’s coming from a Ti-Cat fan. He basically played ultra conservative, never blitz, stop short passes but terrible run defense and deep pass coverage with us. He then realized that doesn’t win games and went to Winnipeg and made the team pressure crazy but no pass coverage defense. Sure the sack total looks nice, but 2nd in average yards per game given up is a much more important statistic.

I like Khari Jones, but not as HC. Berry, Kelly, LaPo and Burke were all rookie HCs and we know how that turned out. I think we need experience, not experiments. For instant credibility and experience, my first choice as HC would be Mike Riley. Is he available, I don't know.. 2nd choice is Greg Marshall of Western U..... To put a rookie into this situation will probably backfire again ala Kavis Reed. Benevides and Milanovitch weren't thrown into the fire when they took over. Learning their job was the only real problem. Austin succeeded in Ham. because of experience and a bona fide QB brought in. We need this approach !!!

I tend to agree with you Dan.

Benevides and Milanovich had been coordinators before moving up one step to head coach.

As far as I'm aware, Khari Jones has only been a QB coach and has not been a coordinator; so he'd be moving up two steps to be the head coach, and that's risky in my opinion (not that all coordinators make good head coaches necessarily).

If the team was stable and all the pieces were in place then by all means give KJ a try, but we're in rebuilding mode once again. Now is not the time to be rolling dice.

Khari was an OC in Hamilton for one season in 2011. He was let go along with all the other coaches when Cortez was brought in. Hamilton that year finished 8-10, 4th most point scored in the league, with mostly Glenn starting backed up by Porter.

Only way Khari works IMO is if you have veteran guys at the OC and DC spots to support him but not ones that he has to look over his shoulder at at the first hint of trouble.

I stand corrected. .. thanks wolverine.

...Definitely Khari was an offensive co-ordinator in Ham for one year...Short experience there though....They like him in riderville at his present position.. The guy does have some experience...IF you can surround Jones with quality experienced coaches, (like Burke,should he decide to remain) that definitely would be a big step toward credibility for 2014...The Bombers have done it before with Riley in the past...He was moved from his co-ordinator spot, into the head coaching position quite quickly, and was very successful...Does Khari have the same ability???...He sure is liked around town and keeps close tabs on this franchise...He could be what we've been looking for...Millers comments about a thorough search by the new gm (once that's decided) leads me to believe that it is not a slam dunk that Khari is the guy...He may join the club in another capacity, that's quite possible....Guess we'll have to wait and see till the season officially ends... :roll:

Keep in mind, Khari was QB coach in Hamilton for 2 seasons and OC for that one season under Marcel B. I'm not sure how much you can read into his getting canned in Hamilton after that one season. Marcel B had the Ticats in the playoffs each year as HC with Khari onboard in some capacity, but they always finished around the .500 mark and never made it out of the east playoffs. Cortez was basically dumped by the Buffalo Bills and his background is on offense and was an attractive candidate they felt could get them over the hump. The Ticats cleaned house in order to bring him aboard and paid out a nice sum to do it. The Ticats issue most of those years wasn't necessarily the offense but an inept defense. Maybe we do indeed see Khari become HC. Maybe we see a reunion of Marcel B and Khari. I'm not sold either of those scenarios is the ideal to get the team back to a competitive level in the west against the likes of the Lions, Stamps, and Riders, even with a revamped roster.

Burke had to go. He was just not ready for HC duties yet, maybe never will be. Very obvious now Mack canned LaPolice to distract everyone from his disaster of never finding or even trying to develop a bona-fide #1 QB (no QB coach and 4 down OC did not help) amongst much other nonsense going on within the club. Even the year they went to the Grey Cup (2011), Bucky was at best average if not mediocre most games when healthy. No reason they should have been standing pat in such a situation.

Why not think outside the box a bit?! Offer Tom Clements (Green Bay OC - http://www.packers.com/team/coaches/tom ... f437249c9f) the house & GM/HC role like Hufnagel in Calgary or like Buono had before in BC and Calgary. Ton's of experience and ready to handle a step up. He's probably making major coin down in the NFL though and they'd have to wait until NFL regular season is over to even speak to him (GB in tough now to make playoffs that Aaron Rogers is out indefinitely), so might be hard to lure him back to his old CFL stomping grounds with the nickels and dimes the Bombers like to toss out often.