and there it is.. 2013 schedule

Yea you cant change the Sunday BB's in Regina game as that sunday labor day weekend game is a tradition in itself in which fans make plans coming from Winnipeg or the outskirts of Saskatchewan.

I can't see why the Als/Argos game couldn't have been played in Montreal on the weekend instead of in Toronto on Tuesday (and have the early August Als/Argos game in Toronto instead). Seems really strange.

Well if the they did that, then Toronto would not have a home game for the entire month of September. Forty-two days between home games; that is unacceptable. As it is now, they have four road games in a row in Sept and that is just as unacceptable. Thanks Rogers :thdn: .

Thats the same thing I had though and asked but no one seems to have an answer. I believe that the Blue jays are away the following weekend afte Labot Day so unless Rogers Centre has a concert or something it should be available.
The only thing that I can figure is that the tues after labor Day will be a unique tuesday in which everyone will be at home after a long weekend of events and this will be the only thing on TV to watch as everyone is home resting.
For me as a School teacher that is the first day of school for students in my district so I will be home watching. Being ing the US i hope it is a game that NBCSN carries or I will watch it on ESPN3 which I have benn accustumed to anyway

There's a 2 day event going on at Rogers Centre the weekend after Labour Day.

Ahh thanks that would explain that. Hopefully with that tues game after Labor Day being unique after long Labor Day weekend that there will be a lot of coach potatoes that tuesday night tuning into the tube for at least a better than avg TV ratings, especially with Montreal being the opponent and the extra ratings they bring from RDS

Will the preseason games be on TV.

6 of the 8 pre-season games will be on TV.
June 12 Toronto at Winnipeg TSN
June 13 Hamilton at Montreal TSN2 and RDS
June 14 Saskatchewan at Edmonton TSN
June 14 BC at Calgary No TV

June 20 Montreal at Toronto No TV
June 20 Winnipeg at Hamilton TSN2
June 20 Calgary at Saskatchewan TSN2
June 21 Edmonton at BC TSN


Right now 6 of the 8 pre season games are scheduled to be on TSN or TSN2 HD. Hopefully they will add the other two games somewhere. SO far also the Montreal games are not scheduled to be shown on either RDS or RDS2. I also find it odd that the Montreal game vs Toronto at Varsity Stadium is not scheduled to be shown on any network as of yet. The other game not scheduled to be shown on any network is BC at Calgary.
I do not know how all of the legalities work but if TSN family is unable to televise a pre season game then a network such as SHAWTV, theScore, or the CBC French network who already have a broadcast crew in place for televising their respective CIS conference games should get the chance to televise the games.

I would suspect that the problem with televising a game Varsity Stadium is the same they had with the stadium in Guelph in that the lights are insufficient for a HD broadcast with this being an evening game.

As for the BC/Calgary game, only broadcasting one of two games scheduled for the same time likely means they are contractually obligated to broadcast something else on TSN2 that night.

This is one of the dumbest schedules I've ever seen. What idiot decided to play on Tuesday nights in a league that plays once a week on weekends? If this is Rogers then this should be the last straw for the Argos to get out of that dump and into a football stadium. Worst football venue in North America. Give Rogers the finger and move on. Look what getting out of the Big O did for the Als.

Obviously the CFL does not learn from it's mistakes, if it did it would remember the outcry from fans just 2 years ago when they thought it was a good idea to NOT have the Argos and Ti Cats meet on Labour Day. Just because Hamilton are nomads this season doesn't mean they have to abandon the Labour Day Classic. It's not Labour Day without BOTH provincial rivalries playing.

CFL has rocks in their heads for dumping this disaster on fans. Screw Labour Day, if the CFL can't be bothered to schedule the games they know the fans have come to expect, I can't be bothered to watch. You want to see the complete Labour Day Classic line up ever again, boycott the Argo and Ti Cat games that weekend. Send the league a message.

While I understand the frustration, it is not the CFL's responsibility to get the clubs a stadium where they are the primary tenants. That said, RC sits empty on Sunday and Monday of Labour Day why not switch it up to there for that weekend this year. Heck, like I said would have been cool to switch the Rider / Bomber around for this year as a celebration of their new stadium.

I blame the league for not having Toronto and Hamilton playing on Labour Day, whether that been in Toronto or Hamilton’s temp home. The stadium issue, as you say, is the Argos problem and I think that this fiasco with not being able to be accomodated by Rogers should be the push they need to get out of there. There is no reason they can’t turn around that decrepid old dump in 36 hours to have a Monday afternoon game. Whatever the reason for this BS it’s time for the Argos to finally do the right thing and get out of there. Rogers won’t care, no secret they don’t care about the Argos or the CFL and they would only lose 10 dates a year which the Jays do in a month, so the only issue is finding a new home.

I hear your idea about moving the Sask game, but my point is, Labour Day is not just one game or one day. The Labour Day Classic start on Sunday with the Riders/Bombers then the Monday double header. I don’t care what game they drop, take out 1 of the 3 and it’s not the traditional Labour Day weekend that CFL fans (myself included) look forward to. Did the CFL learn nothing from the 2011 schedule?

Next season dcmoses will volunteer to prepare the schedule; it should be the best schedule ever.


Their is 1 pre-season game on RDS; hence, the June 13 game against Hamilton,in Montreal,is on RDS.Not reflected on the CFL schedule but confirmed by RDS.


Ah very good points.

The Cats are playing a night game in Guelph in July against Saskatchewan (the game kicks off at 7:30, which means it will end around 10:30 when it will be plenty dark) and have a game in September against Calgary that starts at 6:00, so the idea that the lights in Guelph are insufficient for HD broadcasts at night is a complete fallacy.

Yes that is very weird because there has been made a point in the media of saying that all of the games at Guelph will be playing in the afternoon due to this reason but according to the schedule that is not true.
Good catch i will be curious to see how this plays out.
It apparently does have more to do with two games being played at the same time on the same day which in itself does not make any sense why not make the games on different times and days so that all of the Pre season games could be televised. The game at Varsity will not be able to draw a big crowd but could be a great made for TV event with the History of the Argos and Grey cup at Varsity stadium.
Another kink that the CFL and TSN need to work out as all pre season games should be shown. There are those who may not go to Pre season games but CFL fans would tune in to see some of the possible new prospects in action.
As of yet there are no games scheduled to be televised on RDS or RDS2 in which Toronto plas during the game at Varsity Stadium.
At the very leas the games should have at least Regional coverage in Montreal and the GTA as well as the other game being played on the same time and the same date that currently is not being televised between BC at Calgary. Perhaps TSN would be able to sub out that game to SHAWTV to be shown in Vancouver and Calgary. ShawTV already has a broadcast crew for CanWest football. Any promotion and televised coverage of any game is better than none at all.

with those kickoff times that time of year I would think that effects on the HD would be minimal, and only towards the end of the game.