and there it is.. 2013 schedule

it's been released.

2013 starts off June 27th in Winnipeg.

Riders play Esks 5 times, including pre-season.

Ti-Cat fans who make the trip down the 403 for the season opener will get to watch the Argos unveil their 2012 - 100th Grey Cup banner. Love it!

Yeah, i can't wait for those Tues night Argo games. Not the Argo or leagues fault, i know, but Tues night!!

I notice that the Riders play Edmonton 5 times, Calgary 4 times and BC 3 times. They couldn't even this out.

Absolutely the worst ARGOS schedule ever. How is this team going to gain future (young kids) fans with week night games. I have a four year old that probably won't be attending any games this season. Very disappointed.

The Argos did take a beating on this schedule. Even a pre season game at Varsity Stadium. If I read it right they have 6 of there last 9 games on the road.
Only one game on Labor Day and the Argos at home the Day after Labor day vs Montreal on tues. night. There will most likely not much attendance at the game after a long Labor Day weekend of activities for people but I can envision a good TV audience for the night after Labor day. Everyone tired from weekend of activities hanging in on tues night and taking in a CFL game Calivillo vs. Ray. I get the angle lets see if it plays out.
With the lack of availability of Rogers Centre dates for Toronto they may be well served to play a traditional yearly game in Moncton vs. the ALs. It would be much better than an odd tuesday night game.

They always play someone from the west 4 times and all of the rest three times. Th 5th Esk game and 4th Stamp game are just preseason, and in my opinion non counters.

Pre season does not count and they play teams from there conference in the pre season as a way to save on travel costs

Wow...that is horrid. Same as last year when they played the Lions 4 time plus once in preseason. I know you have to play one club 4 times, but at least switch up the preseason.

All Esks home games are Friday / Saturday

One thing that peaves me a bit is when the GC host city closes the season at home. They should have a road game to cap it off to afford extra time for prep if required.

I am glad the Bombers kick-off the season in their new home! They shoulda switched up the LD/Banjo bowl and flipped cities to celebrate it. That would be classy.

the 2014 schedule with Ottawa back will eliminate that 4th game against one team. add a 10th team and that will eliminate the 3 game series.

Not for eastern teams. When you play two three-game series and two preseason games against three opponents, you're going to see somebody four times. And I don't know how much the schedule makers care because the Lions and Riders faced each other four times (including pre-season) in 2005 as well. With a tenth team, they'll probably have three-game series anyway, I can't see a balanced home-and-home happening.

I don't understand why the Argos aren't hosting the Ticats on that Tuesday and then having the rematch in Guelph on the Saturday. The Lions could host the Als on that Aug 30 date and then return match in Montreal on the ninth. You could even skip the rematches, as long as the Argos and Ticats are playing on Labour day weekend. Anyone have an idea as to why?

You cant count the pre season games into the number of times a team plays. The regular season is what counts and not having any four game series is a big step for the CFL to get back to that.
The Pre season games are kept within conference simply to save travel cost especially with the larger rosters for pre season games.

Sorry Steve, I totally misunderstood what you were saying, I took it in the context of what cflisthebest was saying. You're right, teams will only play a max two three game-series in a nine team league.

What a schmozzle. No Canada Day game, no Labour Day double header. They could have at least moved the Saskatchewan/Winnipeg game to Monday to keep the double header....

I personally think the idea of having games when most do not have to work the next day is great...that's totally a personal preference though, and understand the argument the other way.

What bugs me is there is no Labour day game with the Arogs and Ticats in Toronto as promised.

Its cool. one of the big reasons for getting a 10th team is the schedule also. for one it eliminates the 3 game series and gets more of a pro football no more than two games a year vs a team. one home and 1 away. It really makes the CFL the best pro league for getting the best teams into the playoff spots an equal schedule vs every team will make it very unique and great.
The NFL with sooo many teams cannot come close to this, the CIS has only conference play through playoffs and not until the semi finals do you get cross over with the one exception Q and AUS crossover, the NCAA DI forget that. The Arena football league i think plays every team at least once which is also very real in deciding playoffs for the entire league.
9 teams also creates a couple of wacky weeks in the schedule where one team really has to play two games in on week.
an odd 11 teams if the CFL should ever get to that would also be a really good schedule going with a 20 week schedule to play 18 games with each team getting a bye once in the first 10 weeks and one in the second 10 weeks. Still get to play each team at least once a season and still playing conference foes in a home and home.

Well that is understandable and expected. Guelph certainly couldn't host the labour day match up and Toronto couldn't get the game field ready for Monday (though one could wear the tin-foil hat and say that Rogers is just saying that in an effort to trip up the CFL and kill the Argos.) What should have happened was another match-up should have been made to replace it. Winnipeg/Saskatchewan would have been a good choice for game 1 of the double header.

I would think they would have made a more fan friendly schedule for Toronto a team that badly needs fan support to increase this schedule will not help them it could chase fans away.

Moving the game to Monday would have made the Bomber fans who make the trip for the game angry as it would likely mean a lot of people wouldn't be able to go or they would have to take an extra day off work.